Are you an Artist? Painter? Designer? an Art Enthusiast ? or anyone who is interested in Arts and Drawings ? Then here is the App for you ! :) Art is a diverse range of human activities and the products of those activities; this article focuses primarily on the visual arts, which includes the creation of images or objects in fields including painting, sculpture, printmaking, photography, and other visual media. The above definition is given by Wikipedia. Art is a Science that touches every single human being. Yet no one actually realizes it, the truth is, it is everywhere. Which flows with our day to day lives. Well, not everyone is interested in that flow, but those who are enthusiasts finds it pretty amazing. There are loads of amazing Artists out there spread across the globe, yet there is no one single place to showcase and view their talented hard work. In a world where Social Media Networks such as Facebook has become a huge impact, we came up with this solution in order to fill that gap, ‘ART-O-Logy’ ! The Centralized Portal for viewing and showcasing Talented Artists and Art Drawings published across Facebook pages. We simply bring all the Arts and Drawings that are published on Facebook to one place and let you access them in a very easy to use, friendly, interactive way. We bring an ultimate experience of viewing and showcasing Art Drawings along with empowering talented Artists to reach out more audience and create higher awareness easily and quickly and for the users. We are bringing an ultimate intuitive experience for you to view all the Art Drawings published on Facebook, right from your fingertips. Stunning visuals, interactive user experience blended together along with a faster and easier access and look up. Are you ready for the Amazing Experience ? Cheers ! - Udara Alwis. ( [ÇøŋfuzëÐ SøurcëÇødë]


  • View all the latest Artists and Art Drawings published on the top Facebook Art Pages
  • Easily Search through all the Art and Drawing albums and view them within seconds like never before
  • Search for any Art Album in one place
  • Share your favorite Arts right from the app with Facebook or any other Social Media Network
  • Download and Save your favorites Arts to your Photo Library
  • Play Slideshow of each and every Art Album
  • Art-O-Logy Gallery - An Amazingly Stunning view of Arts Showcase for each and every Page
  • Art Stream - A Stunning Stream of Arts of Albums available
  • Art-O-Logy Canvas - An Amazing collage view of Art Collection
  • You can simply view Arts using the Arrow Keys in your keyboard in the One by One Art Gallery.

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18 June 2016

I could draw art anytime I wanted and LOVED IT TO!!!!


11 July 2015

I decided to try this app even though thru ratings were so low. Now I understand why. Immediately upon opening, I got the message above and the art never showed up. USELESS app for me.


13 December 2013

I like the art