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    -Changed the location of buttons and panels in both the Gallery and main user interface to conform to the Metro Style UI guidelines. -Fixed document restore. -Fixed crashes when using the font dialog. -Fixed memory leaks.

Art Text Lite

Art Text Lite is a Freeware design application for turning text into art and creating application icons, and web graphics. With this program you will get professional results without the steep learning curve of Photoshop or Illustrator. Standard version of Art Text adds the following goodies for just $9.99: ● Layers allow you to create graphics with several objects. ● 80 additional ready-made templates. ● 60 more shader materials. ● 70 image textures and custom textures tool. ● 40 extra shapes to create logos and icons. Some ideas for using Art Text: ●  Catchy headings for promotional brochures and fliers. ●  Unique titles for PowerPoint presentations   ●  Web graphics for a client's site Customizable Templates The Template Gallery in Art Text comes packed with fully customizable templates for headings, buttons, and icons. When in need of a quick solution, simply choose a template, shape it to your needs, and enjoy the results. Bend and Warp Text Bring text to life using over 20 adjustable vector transformations. Wrap text around objects or just give it a unique look that stands out. Materials, Textures, and Fills You can give design elements any look you want in Art Text. The collection of materials give objects a realistic metal, glass, or plastic look. Art Text can also give letters and objects a radial or linear gradient fill with up to three colors. Add a gradient, stroke, and shadow to text to get some striking typography. Work with Vector Graphics The library of vector icons and shapes gives you a full palette for designing a company logo or graphic for the web. You can also customize them or create your own from scratch using the powerful Vector Editor.


  • 20+ Customizable templates
  • 70+ Shading materials
  • 100+ Image textures
  • 70+ Vector icons and shapes
  • 20 Adjustable vector transformations

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6 April 2015

It's a great app and all. But I'm not sure what to do with it but pass time


2 April 2014

AWESOME beautiful effects! The only thing I could wish for is that you could use your own shapes.


28 November 2013

I really like this app.


10 May 2013

It is simple to use, but not sure what to do with it except pass time


10 April 2013

I just wanted something to let me use my own images to create icons for start tiles. This would not let me import, paste, or locate my own images. Probably good if you want to create from scratch but that was not what I was looking for.


3 February 2013

They're is a lot to like about this little program. First, it is easy to use. Second, the end results are exceptional. What more could you ask from the free version? One minor flaw I noticed is that when you right click on a shader, the program restarts.


17 December 2012

This is a great graphics creator. It has standard shapes that you can edit to your liking, drop shadow effects, lighting effects, different surfaces/finishes to choose from, and it is very easy to use. The best part is that you can save the image as a png, and you don't get that annoying white background layer. This is perfect for web developers who need simple logos, icons, and buttons, but are intimidated by Photoshop's learning curve and price. Maybe I'll get the full version now.