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***** This app allows you to enjoy the audiobooks in a real professional way with High Quality audio format. ***** Summary: Artemis Fowl is a series of eight science fiction fantasy novels written by Irish author Eoin Colfer, featuring the titular character, Artemis Fowl II. A teenage criminal mastermind, Artemis captures a Fairy, Holly Short, in the first book and holds her for ransom to exploit the magical Fairy People and restore his family's fortune. In the sequel, Artemis Fowl: The Arctic Incident, he allies with the Fairies to rescue his father from the Russian Mafia. The series introduces Artemis as an anti-hero and the fairies' enemy, but as the series progresses, he assists the Fairies in resolving conflicts with worldwide ramifications; Artemis develops a strong sense of morals, and by the final book, he is willing to sacrifice his life for his friends. The series concluded with Artemis Fowl: The Last Guardian, released July 2012. The series has received positive critical reception and generated huge sales. It has also originated graphic novel adaptations, and a film adaptation is currently in the writing process.


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14 August 2013

The reader is very good the books are great but I am extremely dissatisfied with the interface for windows. There is no time bar on the chapters so I can never find where I am. The progress bar only spans about 1/3 of the screen, so if you get within 3 minutes on a touch screen you are lucky. Overall the application is absolute garbage, I wish I could get my money back. DO NOT BUY!!! Go get the cd's at Barnes and Nobel or download the files from amazon.