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    Ads Free release. This is stable third phase software release for "Atlantas" and it has numerous features, improvements and user interface/experience refinements. Please email to support contact below if you have a great feature idea or any improvement areas that can make the "Atlantas" better platform for collage template development.

Atlantas Collage

A fantastic platform to make your custom design collage beyond limitation of default templates. It has smart and advance layouts to start with. Smart provides very intelligent approach to create your collage and Advance provides freestyle collage layouts with a handful of tools to make yourself creative like an artist on your custom collage design. It has 100+ default collage templates that you can jump start and extend or modify your own way. And also allows you share and save collage.


  • Atlantas Collage - Allows you to create a photo collage of multiple photos maximum limit up to 45. Allows photo layer and shapes transform to text.
  • Atlantas Collage - Smart layout based on adjustable grid allows you to design a collage in very fast and fluid way by horizontal and vertical layer split control.
  • Atlantas Collage - Advanced layout allows you create a collage from scratch with a handful of tools.
  • Atlantas Collage - Provides photo editing tools like re-size, rotate, adjust photo, zoom, opacity, flip, border re-size, color picker control, horizontal/vertical split, layer merging etc.
  • Atlantas Collage - Provides 100+ beautiful default collage templates.
  • Atlantas Collage - Auto alignment on Advanced layout detects nearby layers and attach automatically.
  • Atlantas Collage - Undo and Redo controls on Advanced layout.
  • Atlantas Collage - Allows to add text layer on collage template.
  • Atlantas Collage - Allows to add art shape layer on collage template.
  • Atlantas Collage - Able to split photo layer on advanced layout horizontally and vertically in any ratio.
  • Atlantas Collage - Able to resize the collage template layout in any ratio.
  • Atlantas Collage - Provided "How to ..." youtube videos as an tutorials.
  • Atlantas Collage - Allows to set collage background as photo as well.
  • Atlantas Collage - Design mode allows you to design collage template only without requiring photos. That makes collage template designer easy and creative to work with.
  • Atlantas Collage - Tons of beautiful photo collage templates in Store. And beautiful collage template are always growing.

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23 August 2016



21 August 2016



17 August 2016

Lots of amazing features and it comes with a tutorial.....


20 July 2016

seems to work well so far


7 July 2016

this app is better than any other collage app I have ever used I love how it gives you a variety of templates to choose from for free! unlike other apps this collage maker does above and beyond to help create amazing collages. I just wish it had a option to share it on instagram and twitter. Other than that this app is really good for people who want to make high quality collages.


6 July 2016

Its really awesome you can do anything thing on the app I loved it and it is my first time using it you should definitely get it age 8-up really good app 5 stars 😇😃😊😁😉


5 July 2016

Love this app! Has many features and allows you to deviate from the available templates to create a personalized collage. Only wish it allowed editing of individual photos.


2 July 2016

Better than any photoshop I have ever used - Adobe doesn't compare.


30 May 2016

it's a very good kind of app. it's easy to used..amazing!


17 May 2016

I was looking for a photo editor, collage maker and at the low price of free! Atlantas Collage does it all! Lots of flexibility, easy to use. Volunteering for a non-profit board this app give the impression that a professional created it rather than a volunteer! Great app!!!!

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