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    - Fixes a bug with the creators update that caused empty lists.

Audials Radio

The Audials App for Windows 8 has at its disposal over 72,000 of the best radio stations from around the world and more than 70 genres. The radio recorder lets you record your music simply and quickly while you listen and then save those songs as MP3 files. Furthermore, the Audials App doubles down on entertainment with an additional 100,000 video and audio podcasts. * The best radio stations for your music* Find the best stations to enjoy your favorite music, just by simply entering the name of the artist or genre or selecting language, country of origin or local. * Fast zapping between radio stations * With just a click, you can switch back and forth between stations playing your favorite artists and genres. Never miss a track! * Radio recording* With Audials Radio you can also record your favorite music, while the pro version of Audials Radio even automatically edits and saves your recordings as individual files. * Turn Audials into your own radio station* Specify your new favorites, manage several lists of faves for quick and easy access. Audials Pins let you quickly and easily add new genres, artists or countries to your home screen for one-click access. * Enjoy the entertainment of millions of podcasts* Over 100,000 podcasts and millions of episodes are waiting to inform and entertain you – 100% free! Whether it is news, game previews or reviews, comedy, science, movie shows, sports reports or language programs – Audials Radio has the perfect podcast for you. Search and find your favorites, then play or start your download with a simple click! Use your free account to save your settings.


  • Radio Player with 72.000 Internet Radio Stations
  • Radio MP3 Recording
  • Radio Selection with Country, Language, Artist, Region
  • Podcast Player and Downloader

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21 June 2016



13 June 2016

Easy to use and attractive if a tad counter-intuitive in selecting fav and unfav. Installed simply to stream FIP radio, which it seems to do more reliably than a Web browser.


6 May 2016

best software for online radio


15 April 2016

Most of the time it tells me an error occurred. No clue why or how to fix it


12 April 2016

Very good to listen to


22 March 2016

******LOVE IT


20 March 2016

Love the variety thank you


21 February 2016

Being fairly new to the surface RT, I went searching for a good internet radio app. After trying several, I came across Audials Radio. No need to look any further - this app is great! Choices from all over the world and logical methods of finding what you want make this app special. The only improvement I can suggest is that it would be great to show the artist's name and song title on more stations. This info is often available, but not shown, and can be found by opening up a browser side-by-side and going to the station's broadcasting page. Other than that, great job!


11 January 2016

I found a radio recorder


25 December 2015

Excellent app , I'm going to put it on my phone!!!

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