Battle Empire: Roman Wars

Do you like city building and a game about war combined? Then build a Roman City and Battle to grow your Empire in our new game, Battle Empire: Roman Wars! Send troops to attack other players and build your defense to grow your empire like Caesar. Are you interested in The Greek / Spartan and Roman period of Wars? Then try this history simulation war game for free. A good strategy on the battlefield will help your army units win the battles and you'll be among the best of the elite players with a huge empire and glory! **** Warning: the game is very addictive!! **** If you like history war games, you'll definitely like this game too. In this simulation strategy game, you'll build a city and an army and be like Caesar. You need to have good city defenses in order not to be looted by surrounding players and creating a strong attacking army helps you destroy enemies, expand your empire and gain loot from other players. As emperor, you are responsible for both city building and the clash on the battlefield. The game is a combination of a city builder and a strategy battle game. Download and play for free now!


  • Build a Roman City and Battle with Players around the World to grow your Empire!
  • Attack other players worldwide!

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18 July 2016



13 July 2016

great game but bit slow . so far no plms also can play offline and online .Be warn some of player cheat.


1 July 2016

When I first downloaded it I played until liked it (also the bar) It suppressed me so much download this game now best one ever made (so as I was saying I was telling my boss in battle and I side what wool we do!?) get it (rate it five)


28 June 2016

It is great game


26 June 2016

Very nice without too many issues. The only thing that needs to be changed in this is battles. I badly want to actually see NPCs bashing the crap out of each other.


16 June 2016

amazing games


14 June 2016

Nice game


11 June 2016

really good game


7 June 2016

Love it


2 June 2016

I just play other games at the same time

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