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Discover the newest beauty looks and trends. By tying different cultures, you will be able to find a style that best suits you. Learn essential hairstyles and makeup tips for a day-to-day or business look as well as celebrity styles. Do your own bridal makeup and hairstyles and look fabulous with the step-by-step tutorials! Express yourself, be glamorous all the time and always look your best without using too much effort with our App. Learn how to achieve incredible transformation only by watching videos!


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26 June 2015

love this app..


27 December 2014

Excellent app and very easy to follow steps. The only thing is that sometimes the videos are not ready to view.


5 November 2014

It's a great place to search for make up applications but it doesn't update like it would if on a phone and installed through an app store.


18 September 2014

I've been looking for someone to teach me how to do my makeup for years and you are the best. wish I had feminine features like you but will make the best of it. xoxoxoxAndi


2 September 2014

These tutorials have been truly amazing. I love how they take you through step by step and give you the option to choose video that compliment your skin tone and color to match.


13 May 2014

needs more recent videos


27 April 2014

This has helped me so much and my friends always ask me why I'm so good I love this app but sometimes it glitches other than that its perfectly fine


8 April 2014

It has so many different styles for hair and make up for women of all pigment of skin.


15 March 2014

good but needs new videos


3 March 2014

Could use some work. Would be better if you could customize the categories that show in app. Otherwise, its an awesome idea!

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