Bedtime Stories Collection

Do your kids always ask for stories when they go to bed? Are they bored of the same old story books you have at home? With Bedtime Stories Collection, you can find: - All the beloved characters: Sleeping Beauty, Three Little Pigs, Robin Hood, Rapunzel, Snow White, Gulliver, Pinocchio, Aladdin..; - Thousands of Bedtime Stories to discover; - Native narrators and original illustrations; - Optional subtitles and narration; - Classics such as "The Ant and the Grasshopper"; Are you running out of imagination and would just love that your device could give you a help? Download this free app which includes the story “The Boy who cried Wolf!” and allows you to unlock many others, like “Little Red Riding Hood” or “Cinderella”. Our main goal is to establish a strong bond between parent and child with magical stories where you can choose either to have a narrator reading or just read it yourself. You can even remove the subtitles and just make your own version of the story. Isn't that great? The stories moral encourages children's thinking while teaching them about rightness, friendship and society behaviors. Little Red Riding Hood, the Sleeping Beauty, Rapunzel, the King Midas, Snow White, Pinocchio, Peter Pan, Aladdin, Sinbad, Gulliver, Ali Baba, Don Quixote, Robin Hood, Heidi and even Frankenstein... they're all here! If you have little kids at home then you can't miss having this story collection on your device!


  • Beautifully illustrated stories
  • Turn on/off subtitles and narration

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4 June 2015

This is a great app my children and grandchildren absolutely love them and for me it's so convenient to have access to so many wonderful books in one place


27 February 2015

tooooooooooooooo high costs of stories


4 November 2014

My grand children love the books, but after payment the books disappear for no apparent reason. My grand children enjoyed the books for two weeks and then the whole collection disappeared, nothing on the shelf except the free trial book "The Boy who Cried Wolf". I would have loved to continue buying books for my children, but since this site is not reliable I'm searching for another site. I'm very disappointed.


11 September 2014

don't lode anything


26 August 2014

This app is not free. You are very misleading. Rating no stars


19 July 2014

one free story...seriously? not worth loading and would not visit site again!!


12 January 2014

Overall story reading experience is good but some stories do not load after payment. My credit card was charged and stories were downloaded but they do not load at all whenever I click on these.


5 January 2014

Just one free story.


25 December 2013

It is a good app I give this app 4stars


24 November 2013

My grandson can't get enough

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