Best of Vine

★★★ The Best and Funniest Vines on your Windows device ★★★ Best of Vine is the best app to view the funniest and most clever Vines from several Facebook pages directly and easily on your Windows Device without using Facebook app. Browse the best, most clever and funnies vines from: - Best Vines - Best Of Vines - Best Of Vine - Funny Vines - 7 Second Videos - Kick Ass Vines - Vine World Share Best Vines with your friends on Facebook, Twitter etc or Download to disk. ★★★ Best of Vine - The best Vines on your Windows device ★★★ All contents are property of their respective owners. This app is in no way endorsed or affiliate with Vine. Vine and the Vine logo are trademarks of Vine Labs, Inc.


  • Minimal and intuitive interface
  • Great live tile experience and notifications about new, unseen Best Vines
  • Saving selected vines to disk
  • Fast and intuitive navigation
  • Sharing via Facebook, Twitter etc.
  • Auto play and auto replay every vine

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2 May 2015

I love it a lot! The only thing I would fix is the way some work and some don't or it freezes once in a while but not sure if that is just the video uploaded or not but I would recommend it! :D


27 April 2015

It has hilarious, funny,and mostly it cheats you up 😂 😄 😔😌😁😂


20 April 2015

Cool app.


8 March 2015

i love vines but I can never get on for longer than three minutes because the servers are under to high load and the screen turns green when I try to watch it


10 February 2015

It shows funny vines


8 February 2015

Awesome sauce^_^^_^^_^👍👍👍👍👍😎😊😎😊


11 January 2015

I love that they are funny


8 January 2015



2 January 2015

The best way to view vines that I've found.


23 December 2014

The best app i ever had

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