Holy Bible ASV

Read the Bible in American Standard Version (ASV) 1. Listen to any chapter from the Bible. 2. Send verses via email, Facebook, Twitter and other forms of sharing. 3. Copy verses, even the whole chapter if needed. 4. Search the Bible. 5. Add bookmarks. 6. Highlight text. 7. Add notes. 8. Read the Bible in one year. 9. Add (Info) to your calendar. 10. Saves your recently read chapters. 11. Find text on page. 12. Pin your favorite verse to Start Screen. Customize: Change the verse color, padding, indent, spacing, font size, font family and opacity. We provide 10 stock images but if you want to you can add your own background image, or background color.


  • Audio, Settings, Search.
  • Bookmarks, Notes, Recently Read.

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30 June 2016

Great impressionistic resonates meaning ....beatitudes..


4 August 2013

I just wanted to do a word search, but it's not intuitive at all. I found the search box but then it forced me to pick a book to search, and then I couldn't figure out where to type my search. Frustrating enough that I won't be using it.


4 April 2013

Great Bible app. Has audio, settings and search.