Faithlife Bible Screen Verse of the Day

Faithlife Bible Screen Verse of the Day sets your Windows lock screen to a new verse every day. (Be sure to click Yes and Allow when you first run the app.) These verses have been hand selected and are aligned to dozens of major and minor holidays.


  • Browse the last 30 days of images.
  • Show a Verse of the Day image on your lock screen.
  • Automatically update your lock screen image every day.
  • Share with your friends via email, Facebook, etc.
  • Save the image to your Pictures library.
  • Read the Bible verse in context at

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24 April 2016

Love to get a different scripture verse every day with beautiful, contemporary art work illustrating the verse. Program has worked seamlessly on my Microsoft laptop. I set it as my lock screen so it is the first thing I see when my laptop loads. Great way to start the day with the Lord.


6 September 2015

Out of all the apps I downloaded from the Store, this is the one I find to be actually useful and inspiring too. What a great idea. Thank you for making this.


4 September 2015

This app is amazinggg!!! Wonderful to the letter. Was just wondering as to whether it can be modified to have a desktop wall paper change as well, not just the lock screen.


16 June 2015

I am so glad to have found this app. Get for memorizing, learning scripture content. And bible study with a group that has the same app!!


21 May 2015

There is no doubt some seriously Blessed cognitive creativity concentrated at Faith Life. P.Owl


19 May 2015

Functions as expected, the scriptures seems to match my requirements when needed most. Would be useful if a them could be created around the app impact wall paper sounds and screensaver.


22 March 2015

Would easily be rated 5-stars if it worked seamlessly with Win-8.1. Lately it has not changed daily (or is stuck on one verse). However, no problem on my wife's iPad...


21 March 2015

Scripture put to beautiful art. Well done! Love it!


14 March 2015

this is a good bible verse app


2 November 2014

great job. I really enjoy the fact every time I am logging into my PC, I have the word of God in front of me. this is a great motivation and a reminder to read my bible every day! Thanks again for this great app!

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