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    Release of Binder for Windows 8 Corporate Name Change


Take charge of your learning experience! Binder is your personalized and interactive document reader that lets you view, organize, annotate and share your digital documents from virtually anywhere - it even works offline. Always with you and working for you, Binder’s utility spans all Microsoft Windows 8.1 devices – tablets, laptops, desktops and more! All while giving you peace of mind knowing that these documents are safely stored in both app and Binder Cloud. Binder is ready when you are.


  • Add Documents – Import virtually any document including Microsoft® Office™, PDF and HTML from Microsoft OneDrive, your local drive and more.
  • Create Essential Annotations - Highlight, underline, draw and pin notes.
  • Organize and Tag – Organize related documents in Collections and prioritize them with Tags.
  • Share with Other Apps – Export documents to email, Microsoft OneDrive and more.
  • Offline, Anywhere Access – Get the most out of your documents without Internet access and across multiple devices like tablets, PCs and more.

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16 September 2015

I can't download any of my documents or even open the ones that I already downloaded. If they will fix it soon I will give a higher rating.


3 June 2015

This app works well for me and has a great design! It's nice that my school supports syncing with this app through courseden.


12 May 2015

Anytime means when you're connected to a wifi. You wont be learning with this on your flight/train/bus home. Seriously, why cant it add simply my files offline?


13 April 2015

The crashing does happen. However, I think this is due to the bad internet from my school. When I switched to data, everything was smooth. Great app for college students! The design is not too intuitive, however, not impossible to learn. Must have if your school use D2L.


6 February 2015

I created a binder -- that was easy -- and tried 3 times to add documents. Out of 5 documents attempted, one succeeded. The others all ended in error messages to "try again". Trying again didn't work. This app is a waste of time.


18 January 2015

I would love to give Binder a 5 star rating but every time I do a ton of editing to my files and annotate, then close Binder, ALL of my annotations are gone and it's frustrating to come back and see that all of my hard work just disappeared. Fortunately, I backed them up elsewhere since I do not trust Binder with keeping my annotations in-check...


13 January 2015

I love this app its easy to send all my lecture notes to it and annotate on them, the only thing that is stopping me for giving it 5 stars is that there is no erasing support in the free draw.


28 December 2014

Just wait and wait for loading documents, never finishes!


12 December 2014

I want to love this app but it constantly crashes when reviewing notes. Now it will not even start up and I have a test tomorrow. All my notes are in binder and I have tried everything I can think of to fix it. D2L needs to fix these bugs before this app is ready for prime time. UPDATE: After uninstalling and reinstalling the app it works again but I lost some notes which had not synced.


5 December 2014

SO, I love this concept. BUT, 5 minutes into downloading/adding documents and my textbooks..."Sorry, something happened. "Please try again" over and over and over again....tedious...monotonous...

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