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    This release contains the following new features: • Get where you need to faster with the redesigned transit – see easy-to-compare route options and info on transit options and stops near you. • Streetside is now even easier to use with better navigation and street labelling. Some app features may not be available in some markets. Get the best experience with a fast Internet connection (≥10 Mbps)

Bing Maps Preview

Introducing the Bing Maps Preview app, exclusively on Windows 8.1. Featuring stunning 3D world and city views, the Bing Maps Preview app puts you at the center of a smart, local experience that helps you get things done. The app is optimized for touch with easy-to-use controls. Need to get there on time? Personalized traffic alerts keep an eye on the traffic for your favorite routes and alert you when there are delays via live tiles and Windows notifications. Looking for something local that you’ll love? Get user reviews and business hours, see photos, reserve a table and more. You can even view where you’re going before you get there with Streetside. The Bing Maps Preview app installs as a separate app and will not replace the Maps app on your device.


  • New! Get more easy-to-compare transit routes and find transit options and stops near you
  • New! Streetside views are easier to use with better navigation and street labelling
  • Get Yelp and TripAdvisor ratings and reviews for restaurants, hotels and other businesses
  • Easily find 3D cities with the new Explore 3D experience
  • Search more quickly and easily with inline suggestions
  • Experience 3D maps with dynamic labels and high-resolution aerial imagery with terrain mapping
  • View select cities in interactive high-resolution 3D
  • Use touch gestures on the map to change the angle of view and to rotate the map
  • Step into Streetside to see what a location really looks like with 360 degree panoramas.
  • Search for businesses, get driving, transit and walking directions, and browse local businesses
  • Call or book restaurants, hotels and more, directly from the app
  • Receive traffic alerts, and monitor traffic conditions on your favorite routes with live tile updates
  • Get, share, and print step-by-step driving, walking and transit directions
  • Tap on landmarks to learn more about local sights and attractions
  • Save your favorite places and add pins to customize your map
  • Note: Some features may not be available in some markets.

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25 July 2015

This is the best touch enabled app I have ever used. I was trying to explore southern Chile's mountain range and it was always a pain and seemed out of date in many places. I really love how this works. Spinning, changing elevations, views from every which way and so easy to use. Whoever did this deserves a raise or at least a case of beer. Way to go Microsoft. Keep up more stuff like this and VS2015 and show people how it's done. Love, love, love.


16 July 2015

I just did a thorough fly-thru of downtown San Diego and the San Diego Zoo, and the 3D effect of the buildings (and trees!) is very impressive. I'd love to see this app come out of preview and replace the existing map app.


7 July 2015

add birds eye in Egypt cool maps but auora


22 June 2015

This app is comparable to Google Earth, but has only ever been in preview. This app is even better than the much ugly new Windows 10 maps app. Please take it out of preview. Fantastic app.


27 May 2015

I need this on my windows phone too that would be so awesome maps is one thing Microsoft needs to work on my address is wrong in this app & even cortana tells me my address is something else I've reported it & gave them the right address but they are too worried about getting androids & ios apps over anything else that's the last thing I want on my Windows devices they need to fix things like this & so much more before that crap I've also been directed elsewhere from my destinations from my phone oops lets see how long it takes em to fix it and release mobile version then I will rate 5 *s it will deserve it then oh yeah & they need to turn the old maps app into this not make separate apps for everything.


26 May 2015

Screw Google Maps, this is way better with its stunning images


22 May 2015

Following needs attention: - Slow startup


12 May 2015

I can spend hours navigation around using this app.


2 May 2015

It's pretty useful but needs fast connection


29 April 2015

It looks like playing a game. And i couldn't stop singing Spider Man's theme song while ''flying'' through New York.

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