Bird Bricks Breakout

Monstrous birds are gathering in the deep dense galaxy in this super fun arcade throwback based on Breakout and Arkanoid long since forgotten. Experience one of the most challenging variations of brick breaking action with Bird Bricks Breakout! You are a Ship Commander in Outer Space and must keep your Ball within the galaxy or your mission will fail. The object is the remove all of the Brick Barriers on all 50 Levels...and if you will encounter a Master Alien Bird that you must defeat to save all of the planets in the solar system. During your epic journey the flying Birds will drop eggs on you to stop your progress, avoid them at all cost unless the Birds lay a Gold Egg, then you can use your Warp Boosters to automatically pass that stage. Be very meticulous during the space battle as each Level gets increasingly harder. Many Powerups can give you an advantage, plus other Birds may appear that gives you extra life. There are several cool features in this game; Randomized Background Music, Ball Chooser, Smooth Motion Star Fields, 3 Difficulties from Easy to Hard, Local High Scores with other Stats, and awesome Sound FX with pleasant Graphics. Bird Bricks Breakout is a pay once application. For only .99¢ you get the full game and all updates that come down the pike for free. There are no bothersome ads or crazy endless in-app purchases. *** Note: This game is designed for use with a Mouse & Keyboard. -Controls 1 - Ball launch off of Ship Paddle (MOUSE) - Right Click 2 - For Bonus Missile Launch (MOUSE) - Left Click to launch from Left Missile Silo (MOUSE) - Right Click to launch from Right Missile Silo 3 - For Shooting Bullets Bonus from Ship (MOUSE) - Left Click 4 - Top Row Options In-Game (KEYBOARD) - ESC for Main Menu (KEYBOARD) - F2 for Pausing (KEYBOARD) - F4 to Kill erratic Ball


  • 50 Challenging Levels with a Master Alien Enemy Stage
  • 3 Different Difficulties from Easy to Hard
  • 5 Way Randomizer Background Music Tracks
  • 5 Choice Ball Chooser
  • Over 10 Different Possible Bonuses