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    Additional features will be added in the future like, Windows phone apps, and any other features upon reasonable suggestion. Please feel free to contact developer with comments, improvements, or suggestions.

Blaze's Knitting Row Counter

Blaze's Knitting Row Counter. A simple row counter for those creative knitters out there who would like to use their Windows tablets to keep track of the last knitted row. Very simple free app to use. Just add a project name, project notes, and/or a project row count if tracking an existing knitting project. Otherwise, click the + or - buttons to add or subtract rows. No saving or retrieving of row counts required and Blaze's Knitting Row Counter syncs your project and row counts among all devices on which the app is installed. Blaze does that automatically for you. Also, Blaze gives you the option of keeping track of up to four projects at the same time and for those time conscious knitters, Blaze displays the current time for them. Blaze's Knitting Row Counter can be used for various other project that require keeping track of counts. Note: If upgrading from a previous release, it is advised retain your row count from the older release first before installing the newer release. By the way, Blaze is my 20 year old dog and he says this app will always be free to use. This is supposed to be fun you know.


  • Keep track your knitting project row count by add or subtracting row counts as you knit.
  • Retrieves last knitted row count, project name and notes when you pick up your knitting project again.
  • Project names, project notes, and row counts for multiple projects are saved automatically and synced among multiple devices.
  • Validation added for mistaken user input.
  • Easy to use add/subtract buttons.
  • Easy to use Clear Fields button to clear/delete all input for a specfic project
  • Use the app to keep track of counts required by other projects or hobbies you have besides knitting.

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5 March 2016

This app is so cool... It's all I need now. Before I use to use my notepad, and stitch markers... and they would fall off.... now this counts the rows and the stitches and I can cut and paste the pattern into the notes area. Thanks so much Blaze! I give you 5 bones!