Blocky High School Bus Driver

Blocky High School Bus Driver is ready for a fun ride in an epic blocky world. Lets get back to school. Summer holidays are over now. Pick up high school kids safely to and from the stops on crazy paths in real suburban city environment. Rush through the traffic of police cars, heavy duty vehicles, ambulance, schoolbus, public transport, forklift, excavator trucks, motorbikes, obstacles and street racers. Craft your own ways to escape major deathly traffic jam. Enjoy endless racing through the streets to the highschool. Get hold of your steering wheel, buckle seat belt, hit the accelerator, boost your speed and let the engines roll faster! With the beginning of high school, city life is getting busy with cool craft cars, trucks and schoolbus blocking the traffic on the highway roads. The cute boys and crowned prom queen girls are super excited about their incredible four years of high school. This modern fast luxury high school bus is the best ride to drive in the big city and reach your destination. Be the super driver, avoid hitting the obstacles, maintain your speed limit, and follow traffic regulations in this brick city traffic. Don’t let your vehicle get damaged by other racer cars. Steer safe. Transport the passengers to their destination in this city bus simulation game. Safety should be your priority in extreme rides while crossing the heavy traffic mega city road. Do not crash & burn. Get on board. Get ready for an ultimate adventure. Be the crazy bus driver but do not have fun smashing around your vehicle. Roam around the pixel block style environment, collect students, and cover the distance to drop them to the highschool. Escape the public crowded areas, drive near the subway and do not block the roads. Do not keep your engine running, stop at the red light or the city cops will fine you. You might see ambulances, cargo trucks, construction machinery, hill climber vehicles and public transportation buses on the roads. Keep driving whether there is a chaos, rain, snow or sunny. Watch out for the traffic lights or extreme hill climb and do not crush the pedestrians while you drive through the urban city routes. Rush to your destination on scheduled time. Become a real blocky city bus driver and roam around the city to collect passengers. Apply brakes gently as soon as you reach offroad parking spots to collect your passengers to assure smooth ride. Be careful on dangerous twists and turns when you overtake cars and reach safely. Rugged terrains are not easy to drive on so bring out the real bus driver inside you. Go through the steep climb with high speed. Wild accidents could block your path anytime. Extreme weather conditions with rainfalls and lighting could make your drive even more difficult. Forget your fears of driving now. With non-stop endless hours of fun you will love this immersive bus simulator game.


  • Realistic driving experience with cool physics behind
  • Awesome blocks brick style city craft environment
  • Drive & Collect kids from home, school and stops
  • Drive with extreme safety
  • Awesome bus driving challenge missions
  • Attractive 3D Suburban city environment
  • Realistic traffic animations

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25 May 2016

awesome game its relay easy thou but I still like it


20 March 2016

Awesome! B) if you want to get a drivers lecine experience how it feels.


24 January 2016

great game😍😍 it!!!😁😁😁😁 but its kind of easy to beat, I beat all six level in 30 minutes,but still