Blocky Police Prison Transport

Transport prisoners in a police bus in Blocky Police Transport Craft. Avoid Smashy roads, destruction and offroad driving. It’s a real entertainment for police cop and driving simulator fans. Chase crime in a luxury fast Police van. Enjoy brick style blocky characters and suburban city environment. There’s been a clash going on in the city. There are assassins, thieves, murderers, robbers, smugglers, killers and criminal roaming around everywhere. Be the bus driver, chase the criminals roaming around the crime city craft. They smash glass, kill people, steal cars, jump off the buildings for prison break, use arrow guns, beat public, secretly kill people with a knife and escape. Get behind the wheels, steer around, locate those blocky criminals, put them in the police bus and transport them to the prison. These wanted criminals have got weapons, illegal items and stolen stuff. Only you can be the blocky cop driver to hunt down the escaped running thief, put them in the jail and make this urban city free of crime rampage, blood and violence. Get your engine rolling to make this outlaw city, a peaceful one. Enjoy this action packed adventure fun kid racing and driving simulator. Take your seat, put on the seat belt and get your engines rolling. Get onboard, it’s a road to survival! It’s going to be an extreme city drive. Do not crash and burn, drive ahead, bypass ambulance, other police van, schoolbus, public transport, trucks and cars to reach the destination. Enjoy this extreme bus simulator blocky city racer for kids! Enjoy blocky craft characters and brick style transport just like cartoon car games. Fulfill your racing fever madness. It’s time to get ready and rush back to the impossible traffic roads. The roads are full of traffic, drive & collect robbers, steer the blocky transport with safety. Do not crush the people while racing to the police station. Follow the traffic regulation. Escape the public crowded areas, drive near the subway and do not block the roads. Blocky Police Transport Craft has the best brick style driving simulator experience to fulfill your extreme driving fever with a beautiful suburban city environment. Get ready for an extreme adventure of bus craft driving simulation. It’s a real entertainment for all the driving simulator fans with amazing concepts physics behind for a smoother game play. It’s impossible to avoid traffic all the time. Roam around the town, collect bad guys and drop them to their destination, the police station. Watch out for the traffic lights or extreme hill climb and do not crush the pedestrians while you drive through the routes. Rush to your destination on scheduled time. Become a real blocky city bus driver and roam around. Apply brakes gently as soon as you reach offroad parking spots to collect your passengers to assure smooth ride.


  • Brick style block characters (Cops & Robbers)
  • Drive & Collect criminals
  • Drive with extreme safety
  • Awesome bus driving challenge missions
  • Realistic traffic animations
  • Attractive 3D environment

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9 March 2016

its horrible bad graphics bad game and its boring! I would recommend that you don't get this game!!!!!!!!!


28 February 2016