Blocky Robbers VS Cop Craft

Get ready for an extreme cop vs robber road simulator in Blocky Robbers Vs Cop Craft 3D. Become a police officer, put on the seat belt, grip your steering wheel, kick the accelerator, start your engine, rush through the traffic, catch the running thief, bypass heavy duty vehicles, excavators, ambulances, schoolbus, taxi & cars, and take the criminal to the police station jail to save the Compton urban city from crime. Enjoy blocky characters, crossy missions, commando action and fabulous gameplay in the most amazing city driving games ever. Solve the criminal cases of money theft, stolen machines, bank robbery, gangwar, attacks, jail break and escaped robbers with guns, murder weapons and knife. Rescue your city. Campton has the most luxury fastest brick style block cars on the streets. Drive ahead of all the vehicles, be the super driver to catch the criminal and move them to the prison. Roam around like a blocky traffic racer but be careful about the offroad drivers. Drive around the most luxury fast block cars that the world has ever seen. Enjoy the most exciting and challenging missions with endless hours of fun in one of the best cartoony car games so far. This nation needs a super hero cop to chase all the bad guys, arrest them and send them to jail. Be careful about the speed limit or you will damage your vehicle. This urban city driving game will keep you entertained and engaged for endless hours. The city racing fever and cartoon car games are very rare to have such kind of interesting gameplay like you have in Blocky Robber vs Cop Craft 3D. Become a wild crime hunter. Get behind the wheels. Catch the running thief in this chaos. Deliver the ultimate city racing fever to enjoy the cops vs robber craft city racing games and cartoon car games. Make sure you don’t block the roads during your car chase mission. Be the brave commando cop to carry out a offroad crossy chase mission. Be the best car driver and drive around in a police car to chase the criminal. Note: This game does NOT contain any violence or blood. There are no bullet shooting, gun shots or killing scenes.


  • Action packed adventure cop and robbers chase
  • Interesting blocky car craft robber vs cop city racing missions
  • A fabulous urban city Campton with pixel 3D-graphics
  • Realistic blocky traffic racer in this free city driving game
  • Fast luxury blocky cars over the blocky road in Campton