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    Release - Export entries as HTML files - Email entries as HTML files - Export multiple entries in one go - Bug fixes and Performance improvements

Bloom Diary

Record life as you live it. From once-in-a-lifetime events to everyday moments, Bloom Diary's elegant interface makes journaling your life a simple pleasure. Capture all your experiences, thoughts, activities and ideas using Bloom Diary. Bloom Diary provides: “Superior writing experience”: -MS Word like editor gives plenty of text formatting options. “Superior Reading experience” -Presents your entries as chapters in a book. -Quickly switch between different chapters. “Context” -Insert location details into your entry. -Add a visual touch to your entry by adding a photo. -Date and time “Organization” -Keep your entries organized in different books. -Favorite the entries you like the most. -Search entries by any keyword in the title. -Create tags. -Intuitive navigation. “Security” -Keep your journal private by adding a password “Backup, Restore and Share” -Export entries as MS Word Documents or HTML files -Email entries as attachments. -Print entries from within the app. -In built Recycle-Bin lets you restore deleted entries. “User experience” -Elegant user interface.


  • MS Word like editor gives you the ability to change font, font size, text color, text alignment, highlight text, insert hyperlinks, redo/undo etc
  • Read entries like chapters in a book
  • Insert location details into your entry
  • Add a visual touch to your entry by adding a photo
  • Keep your entries organized in different books
  • Favorite the entries you like the most
  • Search entries by any keyword in the title
  • Create Tags
  • Intuitive navigation
  • Keep your journal private by adding a password
  • Export entries as MS Word Documents or HTML files
  • Email entries as attachments
  • Support for printing entries
  • In built Recycle-Bin lets you restore deleted entries
  • Elegant user interface

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16 July 2016

Great features and easy to use. The ability to add location and photos is a definite plus.


26 June 2016

This is the best journal I have ever tried online or offline. I agree with the other reviews that this app should have an auto-save every so many number of characters that are typed. It makes me nervous that the app isn't auto-saving and one of these days I am going to forget to save it. I love the look of my entries. It is easy to adjust the font. I like that it has tags, but the search feature should search everything, not just the titles. I love that it accepts photos with my entry, it is exportable to word document or html. A single entry can be shared via email if you like. It has a password protection. I like that it can be stored on my computer privately and backed up/restored so I never lose my content if I ever wish to use another diary, and I prefer this method over online diaries because it is more private and less hack-able. I love it. There is not another Journal app available for Window computers that is better than this one.


5 March 2016

I would give you 5 stars if I could add videos and save backup. I really love it btw............. but I need emojis in here :(


2 February 2016

Easy to work very well organize.


26 January 2016

Have not had any problems with it


24 January 2016

I want to how I can get the things I wrote on this app, when I will change the pc?


7 January 2016

I have been searching for a "journal", particularly with a password protected option so this is great. It is easy to use which is fantastic especially when you want to quickly jot a thought or some ideas down. Am I going to stick with this one? Probably not for a long period of time, unless they make some changes. I would definitely keep this if it had a few more options such as an iPhone app for that on the go rather than using another app and then having to transfer everything when I have time - which brings me to this ... you cant copy / cut and paste with this. I also would like to see there be options to choose different themes and vision styles because the red and blue octagons on a black background is a but gloomy.


4 January 2016

If I can't backup/store/print there is no value to me. Otherwise, not bad, would use if you ad this feature.


21 December 2015

Very user friendly interface... simple with grand capabilities. Love the idea that you ultimately turn your journal entries into a life story. Would be better if you could sync across devices. Super inconvenient when you have thoughts while you are on the go. Yes there are other ways to transfer the entries across devices but they should sync automatically so you have the same info across all devices. other than that though no complaints.


19 December 2015

I can actually express my feelings without paying money

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