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    Version - Small bug fixes Version - Fixed a bug where Blueprint Sketch would lose the scene if the computer went to sleep. Version - Added feature in the Grid menu to turn off auto scaling of the grid lines. Version - Fixed a bug with printing. Our sincerest apologies if this affected you in any way. Version - Create text objects! - Copy and Paste Selections. - Print is now available in the Documents menu. - Export to PNG and EPS file formats. - Move selected objects by dragging them. - Change the size and color of a selection. - Access useful tips by clicking the Help button. Version - Added new selection menu with "Erase" and "Move to Front" and "Move to Back" - Improved UI layout - New selection mode "Drag" - Added the ability to share your blueprint file as an image - Added two finger pan and zoom support Version - Increasing the trial period to a week so you can enjoy Blueprint Pro even longer!

Blueprint Sketch

Blueprint Sketch is a streamlined drawing app that allows you to draw lines and text. It has an infinite canvas with a zoom-able drawing surface. The snap to grid feature makes it a great app for creating basic blueprints, white board drawings and level design. You can export out to PNG or EPS (Photoshop friendly format) and even print from the app itself.


  • Communicate ideas and create blueprints for planning
  • Infinite canvas size with pinch and zoom navigation
  • Snap-to-grid line drawing and free-sketch modes
  • Create text objects
  • Multiple visual themes
  • EPS file format supported
  • Stylus support
  • Great for level design!

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20 June 2015

I really enjoy this app. Its perfect for what I do. It is unfortunate that it can't do radius or basic shapes. I will buy though. Hopefully with enough money to the developer, they will update and improve. Cheers.


24 February 2015

If I had known this program would have so many bug I would never have bought it, I could have tipped 5 strippers with the money. If you are working on something and screen saver comes on, The document is gone, I tried to save the document, Went back to go work on more the document never saved. It cant print the whole page. should I keep going? No wonder they made it 50% off.. Should have been 99.9% off if program was fully functional it would be awesome with a few additions like circles, half circles, able to color in each square, This is nothing more than a Kids drawing app at this point. I could probably get more done using a kids draw and color app. Do not waste your money people trust the reviews I wish I did and now learned from it..


10 November 2014

I need a simple way to sketch out job site dimensions and add measurements to crude floor plans of buildings. Would it be SO HARD to have simple and sizeable auto shapes???? Triangles? Squares? Circles? Maybe some different types of lines?? Double line? Arrow? Please finish this app... I'll consider my $4.99 a donation


2 October 2014

I agree with one of the other reviewers. If this app could do circles and radius then I would strongly recommend. I can't disrobe how bad I need to do circles. Hopefully they update the app soon.


29 July 2014

This program could be great but it SUCKS!!! you can't make circles or radius and different lines, has a hard time of not crushing. I was better off throwing my money down a well.


8 July 2014

Nokia 2520... screen flickers rapidly when app is running. 👎


22 May 2014

I laid out one floor plan and the next time I finished the next. All of a sudden the program crashed and now I can't open. Please help!!


11 April 2014

I am using a Surface Pro Windows 8.1 Thank you for this simple and intuitive software. The print function works great.


9 April 2014

A great drawing app with some basic auto cad features. Plus I don't understand other reviews, but printing works fine. I emailed the creators with feedback and they responded immediately!


17 February 2014

unlimited zoom? I found 4 levels I found unlimited pan, I lost and never found my object. Circles tool not found. Select and scale SIZE not line weight is my wish. Contact developer link opened my email but no email address filled in for ease of contact. I did not find a list of features for paid version. Email me when it improves. Thanks for the trial.

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