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  • Category: Books & Reference / E-reader
  • Published by: Refrelent Software Lab ?
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  • Supported processors: x64, x86, ARM
  • Language: English (United States) and 11 other languages ?
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    Release 4.3.49. Bugs fixed. The app was adopted to the new versions of Windows. New features added in the Library View to improve usability and performance.

Book Bazaar Reader

Thousands of free books in EPUB, MOBI, FB2, PDF, TXT formats at your fingertips. Thousands of free books from multiple sources of open publications, such as Guttenberg, Flibusta, FeedBooks, FreeBooks, ManyBooks, etc. Customizable OPDS catalog browser available to download books. Can import books from local files and by direct web URLs. Great reading experience with quality fonts from a customizable font list, font size and font family selection, animated page turning, quick page formatting for different orientations. Margins and line spacing settings. Night reading mode. Convenient page navigation using table of contents, reading progress bar, hyperlinks, bookmarks, page turning history. Book library organizer allows with different ways of sorting and grouping (by authors, genres, titles, sizes, publishing time, download time). Most recently read books are easily available using "I am reading" list. Allows for the reader to set bookmarks, highlight pieces of text with different colors and add notes. Can copy and share individual highlights and quotes as well as the whole collection of marks from a book. Uses Windows8 contracts for sharing book links between apps such as Mail or Quick Note - into or out of your library.


  • Recognizes books in EPUB, MOBI, FB2, PDF, TXT formats
  • Synchronizes libraries with the cloud on OneDrive
  • Download books from OPDS catalogs (has a big list of built-in catalogs and allows using your own links to catalogs)
  • Import books from files on local machine
  • Supports bookmarks, highlights and notes
  • Integrated with Mail, IE and note taking apps via "share charm"
  • Nice page turning experiences (sliding, or 3d)
  • High performance with big book formatting, rotating and resizing
  • Allows to choose font family and font size
  • Supports Table Of Contents
  • Quick page preview using Reading Progress bar, with ability to jump to any page.
  • Color themes for daylight and night reading
  • Page history storing jumps within a book via table of contents or hyperlinks
  • Rich book content format using all features of HTML5 (tables, images, SVG, CSS)
  • Custom fonts - user can define her own font palette
  • Margins and line spacing can be adjusted
  • OPDS catalog list customization
  • Text-to-speech

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25 August 2016



21 July 2016

This is a nice app... for Windows Surface.. because Surface won't allow Google Book, has notes & dictionary. This app is equivalent to JW Library.(minus the note taking) JW Library does exact same WITH pictures. IF THIS APP ADDED... a Dictionary and possibly ability to WRITE notes with a stylus it would be PERFECT!!! BUT still is a GREAT APP. THX


11 July 2016

got diary of a wimpy kid


- 27 June 2016

I have Windows 8 64-bit on a desktop PC. I wanted to install Book Bazaar Reader. So I went to Windows store. Clicked on the "Get the App" button. A separate window opened for a few seconds and closed. No message as to whether the installation was successful or not OR whether it started at all OR whether the software downloaded or not. Nothing. Tried it again a few times with no success. So what's wrong? And how do I install it? (No virus on my system. Checked that.)


31 May 2016

A handy alternative when needed.


22 May 2016

Great app


8 May 2016

Takes FOREVER To install, not user friendly to import books from other websites. Can't even get the stupid thing to uninstall.


30 April 2016

Whether epub or PDF files I simply like having all my books in one place. The app also allows you to create categories to group books according to content. The reading experience is also great with many options to edit how the text pdisplays (this doesn't go for PDF of course) . There is also a progress bar below to indicate how far you've read in the book. All in all , this is a great app. I am very happy to have it.


13 April 2016

I have tried a dozen e-reader apps on Windows touch enabled devices. In my opinion, this beats them all, hands down. I only wish it didn't have to make a duplicate copy of the book to import it into the library. It would be superb if it could read it in place off the SD card I have installed. Mantano (my reader of choice on Android) does exactly that. I haven't found a reader on Windows that can do that -- yet. Add that as an option and I will immediately give 5 stars.


29 March 2016

This is a fantastic Reader. It is fast loading books and changing pages. The only reason I do nit five it 5 stars is library interface is confusing.

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