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    V1.7.5: Improvements for Windows RT v1.7: New Exercise: Shape Shift - test your mental visualization skills Sync: Share the same profile and scores on your Windows 8 PC and your Windows Phone, iPhone, or iPad. Compete: Enter your scores into the global leaderboards

Brain App

Introducing Brain App - The ultimate brain exercise on your PC. The simple exercises in Brain App are designed to awaken your mind, stimulate blood-flow in your brain, and with continued use can help strengthen neural connections - like a performance tune-up for your brain, speeding up reactions and improving memory recollection. TEST Brain App uses simple rapid-fire exercises to help keep your mind sharp. Exercises test your skills in basic math, logic, mental visualization, and spatial awareness. ENJOY Seventeen modes in six unique exercise types. Speed Math, Balloon Burst, Card Count, Missing Signs, Color Chaos, and Shape Shift. Adjustable difficulty and time settings. IMPROVE Your best scores are recorded on your Score Pad, and you will be challenged to beat them. The results screen displayed after each round tracks the change in your score from last time that you played. Brain App's live tile will display the date that you last exercised. COMPETE Brain App will give you an IQ score, determined by your performance in every brain exercise. Enter your scores into the global leaderboards and see how you compare with the world's smartest Brain App users. SYNC Sync your profile and scores with Brain App on other devices, including Windows Phone, iPhone, and iPad. Exercise your brain how and where you like, Brain App keeps your scores in sync between devices.


  • Six exercise types with adjustable difficulty and time settings
  • Your best scores are recorded, and graphs show your progress over time
  • Optimized controls for touch-enabled devices & desktops
  • Sync with Brain App on Windows Phone and iOS
  • Global leaderboards for each exercise
  • Live Tile

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8 May 2014

how do you make this work?


6 April 2013

A lot of fun. Show what to solve very clearly. This app is great to just keep those gray brain cells fresh.