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    2.1.5 - improve mouse control in the game (no need to hold mouse key now) 2.1.4 - 35 free levels! improved game play experience. 2.0.3 - performance improvement 2.0.2 - supports arrow keys, some graphics and movement improvement 2.0 - Significant improve of the game graphics and game play. 5 Free levels included. 1.0 - the initial version

Brick Breaker *

A fine remake of the classic Arkanoid ( Breakout ) game. You controls a paddle that keeps a bouncing ball from falling out of the screen. Your goal is to clear all bricks on the screen. Capture power-up capsules to have more fun! If you are a tablet user, rotate the screen to have bigger playing size. Control: 1. Hit space bar or mouse left key to release the ball 2. Use the arrow keys or mouse cursor (or touch the screen) to control the pad. Tip: if the ball hits a moving pad, its horizontal speed will be affected by the bat speed.


  • 5 different powerup capsules
  • 35 free levels!!!
  • improved game play and control

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5 August 2015

Freezes halfway thru the level. I think it was due to the ad changing


26 May 2015

It gets stuck, level 1 after a few moves PeteCober@gmail.com


9 May 2015

as has occurred in other brick games, games I really wanted, the paddle does not work smoothly and freezes. After a short time the game ends. In another similar game the computer froze each time and had to be manually shut down. I don't know why I can't find a brick game that works smoothly. Am using a laptop with touchpad.


1 May 2015

freezes constantly


29 January 2015

Totally brings back memories of the game "super break-out" from when I was a kid. Great way to pass time!


26 January 2015

I like the game other than this problem. its fun and addicting. but aggravating to have this problem happen and hae to restart the level.


23 January 2015

Fun game. But in the free version the adds are causing the game to lag and then the whole thing freezes.


1 January 2015

it constantly freezes, will immediately remove the game


28 December 2014

Brick breaker keeps you on your feet. It is super fun. It is also really challenging. I do suggest getting it.


15 December 2014

This is a wonderful game!!! It's so nice to be able to actually play a game without ads cutting in and messing up your game. Makes me want to play it much more than others. Thank you.

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