Bridge Builder Construction - City Mega Projects

Build bridges for the new city. Bridges need to be constructed and repaired. Operate heavy machinery like hydraulic lifter, excavator, bulldozer, and transport truck & road painter to perform each step in bridge construction. Enjoy the steering, hydraulics and first person driving view in this bridge building 3D game. Drive, park, transport material and control heavy machinery in this construction sim game. Use heavy excavator and sand plow to clear the path. Set the base on the construction site and use heavy roller to flatten the surface. Transport construction material to the site and operate the hydraulic lifter with accuracy to place the pillars on the site. Once the pillars are set, place the bridge segment. Paint the sidelines and the center lines and the residents will be thankful to you for completing the road network in time. Just beware of the huge pot holes and drive the vehicles on the roads. You will also be able to view the works going all around you including power infrastructure and high rise buildings. The residents appreciate your help – we are one step closer to building our dream modern city.


  • Life like experience of operating heavy machinery & vehicles
  • Construction site environment with multiple activities in progress
  • Multiple levels with objectives
  • Smooth steering, hydraulics, lifting and rotation controls
  • 3D graphics & environment

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29 August 2016

controls don't work and not even what I expected. put more time into your game before releasing it...