Bubble Pop Star

Play the #1 FREE Bubble Pop game for Windows! Take a journey through outer space in this addicting and fun bubble pop game. Play story mode and collect stars across five space environments and 100 unique levels. Or try classic mode where the puzzles are always changing. Download and play today to experience the satisfying crunch of bubbles popping! If you like Bubble Star, Zulu Star, Bubblebreaker, Pop Star, Bubble Burst, or any other bubble poking games, you will love Bubble Pop Star!


  • Story mode with 100 levels
  • Unlimited classic mode
  • HD Graphics
  • High score leaderboards
  • Everything is in OUTER-SPACE!

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27 August 2016

Kids love the popping effect!


26 August 2016

Fun game. Some easy and some definitely challenging.


17 July 2016

Nice look and works well. Good Game!


12 July 2016

fun to play, great way to unwind


28 June 2016

That makes them needy, and I like my space. Hopefully this shuts them up. Over all, the game itself is a good way to waste time, and better than a lot of the free games I've tried. However, minus 1 star, for begging for 5 stars...


26 June 2016

There is nothing I would change for this game. and I encourage others to try this game it a lot of fun


11 June 2016

It is great just wish there was a way to Clear it and play again and again


21 April 2016

Fun and challenging


12 April 2016

But I still see the bubbles when I close my eyes!


9 April 2016

This game if very challenging

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