Build The City PRO

Current trends in urbanization show a significant value of cities for human society development. For many people, shifting from the rural to urban areas means distinct change for the better. What does the urbanization mean for you? If you like fast paced lifestyle, interdependencies with millions of people and remote natural environments, you should definitely try out our new economic strategy Build The City. Are you smart enough to manage all dimensions of human life to make your city grow fast? Develop industries and transportation infrastructure, hire employees, eliminate ecological threats and control energy use. Fulfill hundreds of different tasks for the benefit of your developing city. Moreover, you can even create a complex well-governed country. Increase your city's population, develop industries, sign contracts and buy vehicles to transport the goods for citizens! Sounds interesting, doesn't it? = = = How To Play: Follow simple step by step instructions of the tutorial and learn how to build your first house. Collect the coins for the completed tasks and start the city development! Open office buildings and upgrade them to employ more citizens and create higher profits! Remember, your buildings are getting old – repair them to maintain a high standard of living. Become a wise governor - develop your tactical thinking and entrepreneurial mindset to raise the great city agglomeration with one of the most interesting city management game Build The City.


  • Realistic city simulator: develop transportation infrastructure, ecology, energy use and more and more to increase the population
  • Stunning graphics and funny animation for the best play
  • Many tasks and bonuses to earn coins for upgrading
  • Addictive economic strategy game for kids and adults