Bun Wars HD Most Popular Fun Game of Tower Defense

UI text and content of a game supports only English language! A new funny game, a new style of tower defense, wonder dynamics, new standards, excellent graphics! It's all Bun Wars TD (formerly Buns Invasion)! It is a unique fun game in the style of defense of your castle from the crowds of enemy units, which sets new large-scale standards in real time strategy (rts) genre for mobile platforms. In this world players have the opportunity to feel great strategists because there are very many enemies ever involved in the fighting at the same time - up to 5000 units per battle, and 1000 units per attack, and they all rush to the gate of the castle. The only result is to win or be defeated. KEY FEATURES: 1. All landscape are made in 3D with good drawing 2D graphics and cartoon motion animation! Addicting music and sounds! Funniest game of 2014 and 2013 years for all ages without fruits, jelly, farm, birds, pets, run, block, jewels, splash and zombies. 2. Play in two maps, seasons and take part in 24 exciting battles! Real time strategy (rts) game for boys, girls, kids (niños), teens/teenagers and adults! 3. 25 cool monsters (include hunter dragons, super lords with sword, hidden knights with spear, magic master, orc with stick and shadow crazy bun man with blade) + defenders and 4 types of draw towers in the pro pocket (pe) version. You will fight with some of them in this demo (lite) version! Each of tower has three levels of upgrade! Use them to defend your kingdom, fortress, fort and empire from the blood seed rush legions of evil warriors! 4. Funny action where the height of the land affects a long range of towers and enemy units. So think hard and make the right decision where to build the towers! Become a god, a savior, a legend, a hero of warfare saving life of your little friends and people in this saga. 5. All the buildings and objects are in close contact with the enemy units (can be attacked and destroyed). Epic story, journey and adventure to the fantasy world. Gain a glory and be a honor killing the eternity clans and forces of angry buns from the dungeon. 6. Advanced artificial intelligence of units army. Similar to chess and checkers or board games the base popular tactic is to use your incredible logic to prevent the capture of the castle and solve the puzzle and quest of this chronicles. In most cases you should use your best tactical skills when you combat with the army of creatures! Go and remember cheats, craft, hints, guides, infinity gold or crafting and tips do not help! 7. A large number of monsters ever involved in the fighting at the same time in mobile games (up to 1000 units per attack). Become a top rated player killing as many monsters as possible (up to 50 or 100 thousands)! Get the sword, kill, destroy the garden, survive, be a brave and save the live, city and frontier from the darkness and hunger, return the justice, turn the history! 8. Freedom of choosing of defence tactics of medieval war strategy! Take part in big clash and get incredible victory! Win the day and be happy, beat the big, kick mini and high slayer boss! Light vs Dark! Which nation won? Stop madness, conquest and back the piece. 9. Combination of new completely revolution and old proved by years fun arcade gameplays! Addictive tower defense accion game! Coolest and funnest kind of cooking games and aventuras! Particle effects: water, snow, popping bomb explosions, balloons and pop bubbles. 10. Free and latest updates of app and skins by fire plus team maker! We are working on the new awesome freeplay addons and mods of this amazing toy! My plan is to make it even better with not pixel art. Hope it would be really star game. The game isn't required the internet connection, no wifi or gsm! Its not online game or multiplayer, works offline perfectly and have ad or ads. Download Windows Phone App Store style edition and like us on the facebook. Background story: Evil Lord revived as a result of a mad scientist's experiments. He called the dark forces to conquer the world. Now you are the last hope of survival of your kingdom. Don’t wait, take part in the big fight as a king, kill all the legions of the enemies and get incredible victory in this tremendous combat between light and darkness. Your destiny to defend the Kingdoms, rescue an Empire, become a defender, a hero by demonstrating the honor. Choose your tactic, beat the demon and gain a glory and a reputation of the greatest strategist. The end is close! You are choosen one and only you could bring the piece. Buns are waiting until you start playing. We hope this latest game would be interesting for girls, boys, teenagers, adults, children, kids and all family! If you like this casual game then you can share it with your friends and relatives. Balloon tower defence game of 2014, 2015 years for kids,boys,girls.Super fun, cool warfare! Copyrights by Fire Plus Team creator.

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8 May 2016