Burglar Run

You play as the burglar. You have to jump over security guards and collect diamonds to get a high score. You can get a bonus score every time you "near-miss" a guard while jumping. The gallery in the back are my personal pictures. They may amuse you while playing. Instructions: To Start - Press <spacebar> or Touch the Screen. Jump - Press <spacebar> or Touch "JUMP" Double Jump - Jump again in mid-air Enable/Disable the music by touching the "M" or the <M> key.


  • Running Arcade Game
  • Touch Screen & Keyboard Compatiblity
  • Collect Diamonds

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17 November 2013

basic but fun. Also gets boring after a while.


16 September 2013

This game isn't very complex, but still fun, exciting and completely addicting. My big problems with the game is that it doesn't keep a high score. It lists one, but loses track of it. Sometimes it makes itself impossible to win. (You get blocked by 2 things at once.) Finally, sometimes you lose a game and will restart and it restarts you with the same game you just lost. (Same school.) Besides the glitches and lack of complexity, it is a reasonably good game. Kept me awake on along plane ride.