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    Version updates: Fixed LinkedIn account Version updates: Various bugs fixed Version updates: Fixed Gmail account Version updates: Fixed Gmail sync issue Improved import from vCard Improved contact edit form Various bugs fixed Version updates: Fixed issues with LinkedIn login Various bugs fixed Version updates: Added sign-up links to credentials dialogs Version updates: Fixed vertical scroll for zoom-out mode Version updates: Added import from VCard feature Added View All contacts feature Fixed bugs Version updates: Optimized editing performance Optimized start-up time Fixed QR code encoding (? instead of characters) Version updates: Fixed bugs including crashes Version 1.4 updates: Added editing and adding your own contacts support Added conversation history from Microsoft Exchange feature Added Pin to Start feature Added contact sharing via VCard and QR code features Added import/export contacts feature Added hints and demo tour Optimized performance Various bug fixes

Business Contacts

With so many different accounts in today’s business world it’s often difficult to keep all of your contacts’ information in one place. Business Contacts for Windows 8 simplifies the way you search and communicate with contacts on your tablet. Look up phone numbers and e-mail addresses easily with the Business Contacts application. Merge contacts between Microsoft Exchange, Gmail, SalesForce and Microsoft Dynamics CRM profiles into a single vCard.


  • Microsoft Exchange, Google Mail, SalesForce and Microsoft Dynamics CRM accounts support
  • Merging of contact details from different sources
  • Caching searched contacts for offline use and faster search
  • Send email, call or chat via Skype directly from the App
  • Pin favorite contacts to Start Screen
  • Edit contact details and add your own contacts
  • Lookup latest contact conversation history from Microsoft Exchange
  • Share contact details either via vCard, QR code or email
  • Integrate with other applications via import/export contacts features
  • Import contacts from VCard
  • Take a Demo tour with features quick overview

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30 June 2015

Can not even log into Gmail. What a joke.


25 February 2015

with my Google contacts.


24 August 2014

Overall, it is a great start. I assume that not loading in contacts to be scrolled and found by touch makes this faster, but for touch use, it is REALLY helpful to have at least an alphabet of letters to click and filter down until you get to the right name. From what I can see, this app forces you to type in a name. Would love the option of drilling down into a list of names... especially if I forget the spelling of a name


31 July 2014

Great idea but there needs to be a way to manually add contacts' information and picture and manipulate other data that would be specific to some but not contained in a social media circle. Also the contacts should be displayed all the time so you can scroll through instead of trying to come up with someone's name when you are looking. Unistalled until it becomes more useful


25 May 2014



29 April 2014

Can't even figure out how to add a new contact...


5 February 2014

Hi Kristine, Windows 8.1 does not pin newly installed apps on your Start screen. You can find them in all Apps view, where you get by clicking down-arrow button in the lower left corner of the Start screen. There you can choose an application and select "Pin to Start" in the context menu. See http://winsupersite.com/windows-8/windows-81-tip-find-your-installed-apps for more info.


31 January 2014

I downloaded this app and is no where's to be found....


13 January 2014

Nice ability of looking for contacts in cache and merging similar contacts. Interface is pretty. But I’d like to get mobile version.


10 January 2014

It's one of the best business contacts application which I used.