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    V2.00L12 : A function to add "Date Taken" and "Camera Model" to the recorded still pictures (image file properties) has been added. V2.00L11 : Support FZ-M1A (Value) model. V2.00L10 : 1) Now compatible with Windows 8.1. 2) A barcode reading function has been added.

Camera for Panasonic PC

This application is a camera application for use on Panasonic computers with built-in camera. It allows you to shoot photos and videos, view them in a list, play them back, and share them with other applications. < ATTENTION C2mk1 CUSTOMERS > Please update System Interface Device Drivers to 2.0.1000.100 in the following site to launch this app. http://pc-dl.panasonic.co.jp/dl/docs/064589?dc%5B%5D=002001&lang=005&no=6&oc=001025&p1=196&p2=1960419&score=1.0&sri=6341603&trn_org=2 < When using rear camera of FZ-G1 only > If the Night Mode is used, please download and install Display Rotation Tool ( V7.14L12A ) from the following site. Otherwise, the Night mode is unavailable. http://pc-dl.panasonic.co.jp/dl/docs/064359


  • Change various settings (resolution, brightness, contrast, etc.)
  • Hand-shake compensation, zoom (x1.0 to x3.0), and mirror (on/off) shooting functions are available. (* Photos only)
  • Capture split-second moments using the burst shooting mode (2 to 30 frames)
  • Support Time-Stamp Function (* Photos only)
  • Use simple tap, flick, pinch-in, and pinch-out gestures during capture preview to change function settings
  • You can disable touch gestures to prevent accidental operation
  • Find your recorded photos and videos easily by sorting them by date in playback mode
  • Select recorded photos and videos in playback mode, select the sharing option from the “Charm” menu, and share the photos and videos with other applications (email, SNS applications, etc.)
  • When using rear camera of FZ-G1/M1,CF-19/H2/D1 only) It is possible to switch the camera light on and off
  • When using rear camera of FZ-G1/M1,CF-19/H2/D1 only) It is possible to specify the camera light auto off time
  • When using rear camera) Read barcode
  • A function to add location information to the recorded still pictures (image file properties) has been ad
  • A function has been added to show the location information of the recorded still pictures in playback mode.

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4 November 2014

Doesn't work with Panasonic UT-MB5