Camera Manager is a video and photo camera software application for Windows 8.1 operation system. It supplies funny and touch-optimized experience on your devices. With Camera Manager, huge range of fun effects and friendly control are supplied for capturing video and photos. Digital zoom, Face tracking and more function are experienced on Realtek’s Camera Manager.


    1. Camera Manager is a fully camera control interface. You would adjust the Brightness, Contrast, AWB and focus…etc. setting to create your own kind of image you prefer.
    1. More funny effects, Media Style, Filter and Photo frame are included.
  • 2.1 You would choose Movie, Gray and Mono…etc different media type and tons from Media Style.
  • 2.2 Even more fun, Fat, Thin and Emboss …etc. effect can be done with Filter Effect.
  • 2.3 Also, your favorite photo frames will be found on Photo Frame effect with Static or Animation mode.
    1. Digital Zoom would help you to freely zoom-in any position of the screen.
    1. Multiple face tracking technology, a helpful function, will track and focus on you and your families or friends.
    1. With play back function from Realtek’s Camera Manager, you can recall and enjoy your wonderful memory.

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4 January 2015

Just installed... error message right from the start... only front camera a will record photos and videos plus neither one can be viewed on screen while recording. So basically, I'm able to record still & video shots of the top of my head and can't actually see what I'm recording (gray screen) until I play the masterpiece back. Fail.


31 December 2014

The app is very buggy. If you go to view your pictures, then the camera stops working. I tried to us face feature, app crashes.


30 July 2014

This app would be perfect for what I need except for one HUGE flaw. No matter what you are zoomed in on, the app just takes a picture of the entire area, so it renders the zoom totally worthless. Back to the drawing board.


2 July 2014

wonder what the ticket on this bad lad will be3


26 March 2014

Great app and service from Words are not enough to the pleasure of safety I feel with