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    CBS Sports brings a brand new experience to the Windows 10 platform! Live video, video on demand and NFL scoreboards. Highlights: - Live stream Super Bowl 50 - Live stream NFL playoff games - Stream other live events, or watch videos on demand - NFL scores in real-time - Real-time game stats for live streamed NFL games

CBS Sports

With the CBS Sports App, you can watch On Demand and Live Video streams from CBS Sports. Browse through multiple categories and watch live games, the latest highlights, breaking news, Fantasy advice and viral videos for football, basketball and more. Getting started is simple - just open the app and begin watching your favorite sports!


  • Live streaming events
  • Live streaming shows
  • Video on demand
  • Live NFL Scores
  • Super Bowl 50 live experience
  • Live stats for NFL game streams

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20 March 2016

This app doesn't load properly nor function properly which is a product of issues with Microsoft more than CBS. App works on all other devices. Microsoft needs to be vigilant in supporting their customers who don't run out and blow money on their newest device each year. This is not the first (nor will it be the last) app that has problems on older version MS equipment.


9 January 2016

Satan must have created this to torment sports fans with!!!!!!!


8 November 2015

The live event streaming barely works, if it all. Aside from that it provides a relatively unspectacular score checking interface.


1 November 2015

Never loads when going to a particular sport such as NFL, NCAA Football, etc. Terrible App!


31 October 2015

I know my team South Florida Bulls are not what they used to be, but I should be able to follow on this app when their game is on a CBS Network. But their game cannot be found in this app... insane!


30 August 2015

I would give it 5 stars if it had a live feed... but other then that its perfect. Very descriptive. Can save your fav. Teams and find them quick. Updates very efficiently. Its great!


31 May 2015

Severely limited features compared to android version for my nexus tablet. Not even worth using this app. Also, the "tweets" requirement is even more detracting. This app really rates no stars with me. A waste. I'll remove it.


23 March 2015

cbs sports program will now load, up to standard


19 March 2015

Can't manage my brackets.... come on CBS


17 March 2015

add NCAA brackets and I add two stars.

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