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Channel 9

Channel 9 provides a way to browse and view videos on a variety of developer and consumer topics from the Channel9.msdn.com web site.


  • Pin your favorite shows and keep up to date with Live Tiles
  • Watch videos with your choice of Progressive or Smooth Streaming technology
  • Snap our videos to the side and keep watching while doing other things
  • Download our videos and watch them offline
  • Search Channel 9 content or Share using the Windows 8 Charms

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21 July 2015

Unlike its iOS counterpart, the Windows Store app version of Channel 9 lacks even a bare bones search capability, which pretty much renders it uselss.


9 June 2015

Great app for checking out the videos. Unfortunately the queue seems to be missing in the app. Would be great if it would be added


7 May 2015

I can still get more details and participate better using the web site. For just watching the videos, this app is very good. I would love if Series episodes were a little easier to navigate through; the way the vidcap images from the series are tiled prevents their ordering from being obvious, and there are no Next or Previous buttons within an episode. Leaving one star open because a few simple improvements would make this very good app into an excellent one.


4 May 2015

App fails to load the complete listing of videos for large events like BUILD. Navigation between views is sluggish and you can't even watch videos at speeds faster than 1x (who the hell watches tech videos at 1x). Instead of loading useless screenshots how about you show the full titles and summary.


11 April 2015

Maybe I'm missing it, but there is no search box.


25 January 2015

Downloading content does not on surface pro3


28 December 2014

Cannot do basic search on video sessions


20 December 2014

Titles are rarely fully visible, making the order of series impossible to determine in most cases. Needs a 'display as list' option instead of all thumbnails all the time.


17 December 2014

I would like to see where I can select multiple videos and queue them for watching, also if offline availability will be gr8, while I can watch when I am traveling with spotty internet.... Search should be in app window instead of charm bar...


13 December 2014

Add play speed adjustment like in Windows Media Player!

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