Chemical Equation Balancer

Chemical Equation Balancer is an application that can help you balance chemical equations, check element information, and save time on your homework XD: 1: It is simple to use. Just tap the element on the periodic table, then you can see the brief information of the element on the left side, including its name, atomic number, atomic weight, phase, existence, and reference link of the element. 2: By clicking the link offered, you could easily navigate to Wikipedia or Wolfram Alpha for more information about this element. 3: By scrolling to the right, you could see a balancer calculator, which can help you balance chemical equations easily. Just input the unbalanced equation with the assistance of the '(', ')', ‘+’, and '->' ... buttons to form equation, then press "balance". 4. You could press the "clear" button to clear your input or the "del" button to delete the last element, number, '(', ')', ‘+’, and ‘->’ you entered. This application only serves for educational purposes. All data in this application come from Wikipedia. The chemical equation balancer is partly based on the source code from Nayuki ( The balancer can balance most equations that high school students encounter. We are still working to improve the balancer. I hope you could enjoy this application XD.


  • Multiple background color
  • Periodic table
  • Element information
  • Wikipedia and Wolfram Alpha link
  • Chemical equation balancer


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