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  • Supported processors: x64, x86, ARM
  • Language: English (United States)
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  • Notes:
    Release 6: Added information in settings pane about computer settings. Worked around a platform bug that could cause a crash when closing settings pane. Fixed bug preventing the computer from making the first move after editing position. Enable computer to move after changing computer settings. Release 5: Bug fixes: Failure closing Edit Position when opened from Games menu Incorrect board texture orientation Failure to maintain "Flip" state after Editing Position Added Swipe feature for Learn Chess Release 4: Added support for ARM Added tutorial for learning how to play. Increased the display area for 3D Added an option for moving through the game two-ply at a time. Added fallback for saving games locally. Release 3: Improved visual cleanup after pawn promotion. Improved syncing of saved games between machines. Ease of use: Toolbar is no longer allowed to hide. Release 2: Added mouse wheel support for menus. Improved performance for long menus. Fixed minor bugs.

Chess Chess Pro

Please send all feedback/bugs/requests to support@twoxchess.com; we take feedback seriously! Chess Chess Pro is a high quality and richly featured chess game designed for Windows 8. It's perfect for every player: Beginners: Not everybody is a chess master! Most chess games are too strong or just make random mistakes at easier levels. Chess Chess Pro has unique algorithms to simulate human opponents. Experts: Chess Chess Pro has a top-tier chess engine. Enthusiasts: Chess Chess Pro's Analysis Mode is like having a chess master with you. You can get the engine's "expert opinion" about any game or position in real-time: which side is winning and the best sequence of moves.


  • Play against a computer or collocated human.
  • Strong computer opponent.
  • Play against any ELO rating from 500 to 2500.
  • Opening Library feature lets you explore chess opening theory as you play.
  • PGN Database feature lets you download and view PGN files.
  • Support for 3-stage time controls with Fischer increments.
  • Use Position Editor to enter and play positions from books, newspapers, etc.
  • Save and load games; export/share them in standard PGN format.
  • Use Analysis Mode to gain insight into the position.
  • Use the Profile feature to play rated games against the computer and track your progress.
  • Game state is shared across all devices
  • Everything seen in Chess Chess standard (hints, move highlights, undo, live tileupdates, snapped mode, etc)
  • Learn how to play with a built-in tutorial teaching the rules and strategies of the game.

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17 October 2013

Horrible controls. The bottom buttons pop up randomly and when you want them they don't appear. Also very slow.


8 January 2013

The colors of the squares are swapped in an incorrect manner. The a1 square, for instance, should be dark not light.


25 December 2012

Nice chess game. Deep feature set - I like that it comes preloaded with openings and PGN files. I loaded up a Fischer game from 1957 - New Jersey State Open Championship, and you can step through the game. Has a built in analysis mode to see moves, and also allows you to play rated games against the computer. It's a little tough to navigate around at times, as it isn't always clear what you can tap on. But once you get used to tapping on things like the move history, the better it gets.


4 November 2012

One of best chess engines I have used. Great interface and great features. Love chess and love playing it on my surface :)