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    -Launches email when clicking on email address in help screen -Occasionally prompts user to review app - allows the option to never be prompted


For chess players seeking to improve their game nothing is more helpful than studying chess problems. With over 10,000 problem, the ChessTactics app lets you practice finding the best move for a given position, and lets you review the solution move by move. Problems are not all "Mate in 2" style problems. Some are piece exchanges where you come out on top, some are about getting out of a tricky situation, and a few are positions where you're best moves force a stalemate. If you see a problem where you don't think the solution is correct, please email the ProblemID and your proposed solution. Each problem is rated based on it's difficulty. There is an option to include time in the scoring which may be useful if you frequently play timed games.


  • Solve chess problems to improve your game

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24 June 2016

just doesn't work


30 May 2016

This not a fair game because correct moves gain nearly no points , while wrong moves even slightly not perfect lead to marked decrease in score points !!!!!!


1 May 2016

ive encountered at least 2 puzzles that are totally wrong. the moves that the app says are correct for the puzzle would actually make you put yourself in a position to be mated the next move. there is another move that would make the puzzle easily correct , but again, it says that the best move is the wrong move. This makes me question the credibility of the app. I wonder if this app is actually helping me, or indirectly harming me, by teaching me tactical skills that are in fact poor and wrong


17 April 2016

Very nice. Been a long time since I have played. I'm very rusty. Chess Tactics is helping to very much get the rust out and get me back in the game. I don't always agree with the way it plays but, I'm the one with the rust. Thanks. I'm having a blast and becoming a better player because of it.


9 March 2016

I find the positions interesting, where I can get to learn some new positions and identify correct moves in such positions. The scoring mechanism according to difficulty is also interesting. I find this format particularly educative in regards to identification of moves in various situations. I would be even more interested if we could get positions where the a set of 5-10 moves leads you to correct results.. I mean slightly longer rallies. But overall I thank you for making such a game where I can learn better and analyze my moves v/s correct moves and better my game.


26 February 2016

Los ejercicios son fáciles, puede ser que conforme avance se vuelvan más exigentes. Creo que se puede mejorar agregando retroalimentación sobre quien juega (blancas o negras). Lo de ir dando puntos es muy buena idea, otra cosa excelente es que esté disponible tanto para Windows como para Windows Phone


18 November 2015

This is very good, please keep it going. It was a very good idea just to start in order to improve chess levels, but as well to improve our brain power!


30 October 2015

very enjoyable,make possible kinds to choose from, deflection,attraction etc.


22 October 2015

Keeps you agile but focuses on the one-move quick kill.


16 October 2015

Enjoyment for the relaxation of engaging in an actual game that sharpens the wits.

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