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- News content from the Chicago Tribune. Stay on top of what you need to know with instant access to breaking Chicago news, business and sports - Have more time to read? Delve into Chicago's best coverage of entertainment, health, travel and much more. Want to see what's happening? View award-winning photos from around the city and around the world. - See what you want, when you want The Chicago Tribune Windows 8 app content is divided into sections. But what if you're not interested in Sports or World News? What if you want Business News shown first? Simply pin your favorite section to the start screen. - Take us wherever you go, no connection required Many apps fail when a network isn’t available. The Chicago Tribune for Windows 8 app was designed for people who sometimes go where the signal can’t. While you won’t get the latest news when a connection isn’t available, you will have the most recently downloaded information in the app and all your saved items right there with you. - Great photography ahead. One of the greatest things about the Chicago Tribune is our award-winning photojournalism. This app highlights that work in our custom-built galleries area. You’ll be able to browse photos by section and peek into dozens of collections before launching a slideshow.


  • News content from the Chicago Tribune.
  • See what you want, when you want.
  • Take us wherever you go, no connection required.
  • Great photography ahead.

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23 October 2015

I just installed this app and it doesn't work. you can only look at the front page, nothing else will load. there is no search. I have the tribe app on my iPhone and it works ok but they should be embarrassed about this useless app


20 February 2015

Pretty poor app!


17 February 2015

While the Tribune app is visually adequate, it loads incredibly slowly. It can take several minutes for the news pages to actually load and/or update. Disappointing, as it actually shows promise if it would load in a reasonable period of time.


8 February 2015

An embarrassment to a company that I guess is holding on to delivery hopes


2 January 2015

Get used to that phrase - you'll be seeing a lot of it when you use this app. It took about two minutes to get the opening screen when I launched the app. I scrolled around, clicked on a story, and it came up pretty quickly, so that was OK. But when I clicked on the "More news ..." link, I waited, and waited, and waited. It never did come up. That was last night. Tried it again today, same thing, and this time I timed it. I waited thirty minutes, and "More news..." never showed up. This app is getting deleted. Maybe the Sun-Times has an app.


23 October 2014

The front section works decently once it finally loads, but if you want to open up news beyond the first page, it doesn't seem to be able to load the news.


5 September 2014

It is difficult to find sports news using this app. D


23 April 2014

This application shuts down unexpectedly all the time on my surface 2. Rebooting the tablet does not help. Very frustrating. Uninstalling.


4 April 2014

Has potential but needs a fair amount of work. Text should be larger so it is easier to read, tiles frequently so not display, extended lag time pulling news. The default Metro app would be a good template. Would really like to read the Trib on my Win 8 tablet.


1 March 2014

It needs use on the lock scene too

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