Chimpact 2 Family Tree

Join Chuck the Chimp in a tropical paradise adventure in Chimpact 2 Family Tree Chimpact 2 Family Tree is like pinball but with monkeys! Guide Chuck the Chimp, along with other family members, through this scrolling platformer and its ever-changing jungle landscapes. Collect items and tackle numerous critters along the way. Collect bunches of bananas and convert them into coins to unlock power-ups to help you find all the hidden gems. Discover secret paths, avoid dangerous obstacles, play mini games and time your jumps to perfection in this gorgeous jungle adventure!


  • Enhanced 3D graphics include dynamic depth of field and tilt parallax environments!
  • Two games modes; Gem Quest and Mini-Game Multiplayer Challenges
  • Tag-team feature lets you access new areas of a level by playing as a different character, 6 in all.
  • Epic Boss Battles
  • Score points to rank up and collect 100 wacky costumes
  • Share your achievements and screen shots on Facebook and Twitter

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8 January 2016

I could play this for hours and never get bored.


16 August 2015

Enjoy game very much. Variety, colorful backgrounds, etc. quite enjoyable and you don't have to spend tons of money to get to new levels.


21 March 2015

Fun game


3 March 2015

great looking game


11 February 2015

It's not so different from jungle run but the twist of having to launch your monkey thru the levels is at least fun to me. It gives you a sense of control that is often absent from games of this genre. It also adds a level of strategic game play leaving gamers with a choice of how they bounce through the levels without the overbearing sense of urgency. The graphics are beautiful no question about it... I feel its worth the 2 bucks it's a lot of fun. In app purchases are there but not prohibiting and the mini games between level are entertaining and keep the pace. This honestly feels like a game Nintendo would release bright colorful fun and simply entertaining.


15 January 2015

Good graphics!


9 January 2015

Great game😋


8 January 2015

god game


27 December 2014

Waste of money..uses about 3 inches on a 7 inch tablet. Can barely see any details.


23 December 2014

Lots of new fun obstacle to get through

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