City Pizza Delivery Van 3D - Off Road Driving Duty

Reach the destination in a dash as you have to make priority pizza deliveries on a pizza delivery van. Play the most exciting City n Off road delivery van simulation game. City n Off road is full of thrill and excitement and adventure where you have to deliver pizzas on urban and hill side locations and make sure that the pizza delivery is hot from the oven. The pizza delivery van is quick and has maneuvering ability at high speeds. Get the feel of nature with real life like off-road driving on hills and mountain tops. Play as the pizza delivery guy working in a pizzeria who has to make sure that all the pizzas are delivered in time and are oven hot. Make sure the pizzas don’t fall off and get spoiled due to your rash driving. People are waiting for pizzas in the city and also the tourists who have gone for a vacation on hill top want to have hot pizza slices in the cool weather. Standout as the top pizza delivery guy and deal with city traffic and the bumpy roads on hill side to deliver pizzas in time on off-road destinations. You need to drive to multiple city and off road destinations and deliver the pizza on a pizza delivery van. When you reach the destination hand over the pizza to the customers and don’t forget to get your cash. The game play has both city and off road environment where you need to drive in both sunny and rainy weather. Drive carefully on steep hills and deliver pizzas. Off-road driving in the rain has its own challenges so showcase your skills and standout as the best pizzeria in town. You might be well-adept on driving on the city roads driving a pizza delivery van full of pizzas on hills and mountains is a different challenge altogether. Enjoy this thrilling non-stop fun game and show your skills while making sure the pizzas are delivered safe and hot. We hope you enjoy the game. Your comments & ratings are welcome and will help us in creating even better games for you.


  • Adventurous & Thrilling delivery van driving
  • Life like environment with city & metro roads and also hills & mountains.
  • Pizza delivery is time bound so you need to drive in rainy weather and take sharp turns
  • Hill station environment for exploration
  • 3D game play and amazing sounds

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19 August 2016

so crazy. but fun


20 January 2016

stop making burn out marks PLEASE


27 November 2015

this game sucks the graphics,the song,EVERYTHING!don't get this game if you did uninstall it now


27 October 2015

best game great graphics and the best game play


23 October 2015

Have some miss haps in it, but other than that I like it!! Great job and for the people who hate it, go some were else with ur smart coments cause I bet u can't even make a game. >:( love ur game :D


18 October 2015

Sucks and sucksssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss


17 October 2015

I hate this game


14 October 2015

this game is so stupid I can't even back out to go to the peoples house


12 October 2015



10 October 2015

Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo Do not get this game I mean do not install. Uninstall this game!

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