Classic Snake

Every missed the old Nokia snake game that you used to play when you got that awesome unbreakable phone? This is it! The classic snake is back! How to play: Choose a level then use your arrow keys to attempt to eat the apple (red block), but watch out for the walls. At any time you can pause the game by pressing the space bar.


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17 March 2015

This is a very simple, fun, and engaging game.


18 January 2015

childhood game. I used to play it when I was 10 now im 15 and still loving it <3 (~_~)


19 July 2014

The game is simple and most importantly RESPONSIVE. Literally all the other snake games I've tried have been mushy and full of lag, which when you get into the upper numbers is just unacceptable. Wish the game had a mode select where you can do either "open field" (where you go through the sides and come out the opposite side) and the box that you can currently play. Other then that, great little game.


20 February 2014

ur mom


22 January 2014

Haven't seen simple games like this one I used to play in along time. Glad to see it again, its simple but yet challenging, a perfect game.


7 January 2014

I couldn't find it any where else but my flipfone


16 July 2013

A nice break from the exploding zombie and girly dress-up games, this is a wonderful little snake game I used to enjoy. I found the pacing perfect for me, and for a free game, this is better than many paid games like this that I have found.


1 March 2013

I like it but slow is too fast.


5 January 2013

It sucks