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    You can try the FREE VERSION (search CLOCK'), it's enough to display a simple tile clock. And if you like DIY, use this PRO. Any problem just contact me, but I can do nothing to the delay of tile updating, since it is controlled by system. UPDATE R266 - Add bump effect - Add tile sharing - Add Item Dragging (select on "Items" list first) - Add item angle setting.


-- NOTICE: Please try the FREE VERSION (search CLOCK') before purchasing, thank you! Tile updating may delay (same as the free version). Tile updating behavior is controlled by system, app can only create tiles and set the tiles' updating time. -- Design your own live tile on the Start Screen/Menu and Nightstand with digital/analog clock, date, countdown and many other items. Put them anywhere you like. Lots of clocks and art font styles for you to choose. Pro version can use your own picture as background. Just press the "BUILD TILE" button and change the app's tile to the tile type you built on the Start Screen. The app is for decorating the Start Screen. It was designed for Windows 8. Please try the FREE VERSION on the Homepage (Website Link).


  • Set your own local picture to background.
  • Night Stand Clock & Big Analog Clock ("Nightstand" on the second tab)
  • Save clock styles.
  • Julian Day (day of year, tag of Custom Time item). Julian Date (Astronomy), JD & MJD, (Tags of Custom Time item)
  • Theme Skin & Color Settings (can save)
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10 April 2016

Many styles available including downloadable styles. Helps replace the reliable clock that has been part of MS home screen for a more than a quarter century. Guess this generation of designers could figure it out.


3 March 2016

A great app!


30 December 2015

Excellent app, I love it.


28 August 2015

Custom live tile is great.


23 August 2015

Best on the market. Low learning curve and tons of features.


22 July 2015

After reawakening my computer from sleep mode, I continually have to restart clock tile from the app's home site to get it to display properly-- very disappointing and frustrating.


19 July 2015

How frustrating. Should be intuitive, not even requiring a list of directions. Bad experience.


16 July 2015

Recommend to anyone looking for a calendar and clock app


2 July 2015

the best clock pro


21 June 2015

Has interesting styles to choose from, the drop down boxes for selection seems simple enough, but its not user friendly in that it likes to pile things on top of one another, then you have to figure out the category to go and resize it, then if you forget to hit build clock before you want to preview it on your start screen it erases everything you've done and you have to start all over... once you get used to it though, you can build some cool clocks.

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