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    Release 21: Branding Updated Additional Cloud Support Added Release 20: Sync Fix Release 19: UI fixes for 7" tablets

Cloud File Explorer

Storage Made Easy Cloud File Explorer is the Windows 8 client for the Storage Made Easy Open Cloud Platform. It enables users to view and manage files from many different clouds directly from your Windows Device. The App works with SME free, personal, IaaS, and with the on-premise EFSS Enterprise solution. Clouds supported include: Google Docs, Google Drive, Google Storage, Google Sites, Amazon S3, iCloud, Microsoft OneDrive, DropBox, Azure Blob Storage, Box, RackSpace Cloud Files, OpenStack Swift, SwiftStack, Mirantis, Softlayer, Ceph, CleverSafe, Scality, Gmail, Email, HP Helion, iKeepinCloud, PogoPlug, BaseCamp, SalesForce, IBM Connections Files,EMC Atmos, Office365, SharePoint, CloudMe, HostingSolutions.it, Scality, Huddle, Alfresco (on-premise version),Zimbra Briefcase, SafeSync(WebDav enabled), FilesAnywhere (FTP enabled), Dump Truck, Cloudian, Jive, Egnyte, Memset, and any WebDav enabled Cloud. The App also works with Amazon S3 compatible clouds such as S3 compliant Clouds such as Eucalyptus Walrus, Ceph, Nifty Cloud Storage, Connectria, Constant Cloud Storage, Tiscali Cloud Storage, GreenQCloud, SeeWeb Cloud Storage, Riakcs, LunaCloud, HostEurope, NetGear ReadyNAS, Caringo Object Storage, and Dunkel Storage. The free version provides 5GB free (hosted on Amazon S3) and enables the ability to add up to 3 additional Clouds. For additional package options visit the StorageMadeEasy.com website.


  • Unify Cloud File Data
  • Supports 45+ Public Private and SaaS Clouds
  • Access Cloud Files from a WebDav Drive (even if clouds don't support WebDav)
  • Easily securely share files for any cloud or multiple Clouds using password and time expiry
  • Copy Data Between Clouds
  • Use with SME Enterprise for Private Enterprise File Share and Sync Strategy
  • Easily Search for documents across all mapped Clouds
  • Tag files from different clouds to easily group / classify
  • Collaborate with Business WorkSpaces
  • Open files uploaded and encrypted via the SME Service (password required)
  • Sync files (SME Personal and Business Customers only)
  • Create a desktop drive using SME CloudDav (WebDav access to any cloud)

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18 March 2014

This is a good solution for Windows RT, which does not allow for direct DAV access to many cloud services such as Dropbox. With the free version, you can select 4 (5 including the SME service) of your favorite cloud services. The SME service allow you to manage all of your files and folders from any of your pre-selected 5 services. My favorite features is the SME app creates a DAV link, which installed on your Windows RT device, points you directly to the SME location so you can access and manage all of your files from Windows Explorer! Yes, I would prefer to access cloud services, like Dropbox, directly from Windows Explorer, but this service does provide a great workaround. You can upgrade, for a one-time lifetime fee of $59, and you have full access to all features, including adding more of your cloud services. The app is limited to 40 of their 'top' cloud services. I love Bitcasa cloud service and it is not on their cloud list. Try the free version and upgrade if you like.


8 March 2014

It has some minor issues on my Surface but with it, I can set up a linked network share so I can use my Pogoplug with a drive letter. It is all I need to start using it and then eventually move over to SME which seems to be a good hub for all of these services.


7 February 2014

Does not show my files


5 December 2013

Uninstalled as soon as I saw the requirement to setup an account with them. No Thanks! I don't want you to have access to all my cloud files.


3 October 2013

I hate this app


3 April 2013



13 February 2013

As titled


11 February 2013

I've used SME for years on my iPhone so I'm glad its available on my RT Tablet. Its a great App and provides a single view for all my different file / storage resources (both private and work). I'm a Personal Cloud user so I get the ability to use WebDAV and FTP above any of my clouds (whether they support it or not) and on my RT Tablet it gives me a true Cloud Drive to access all my Clouds directly from Apps such as Word.


7 February 2013

Connected to Google Drive no problem but would not connect to Skydrive - kept failing even though there is no problem connecting from other places.


2 February 2013

This app wants you to give SME access to all of your cloud storage. So, now not only are your stored documents accessible by the host, but also by these guys. That doesn't seem like a really good idea. If it just worked as a client with the cloud services as the servers, that would be one thing. Why does SME need to be in the middle, and what are they going to do with that access?

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