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    v3.2 adds a lot of love for alternate character encodings, along with some other features! Added: Prompt for whether to reopen document on a character encoding change. Added: Use the last-saved character encoding when opening a document from the recent documents list. Added: Create new document using current clipboard text via Ctrl+Alt+Shift+N. Added: 'Bahnschrift' and 'Bahnschrift Light' font family options. Added: .bas files open with Visual Basic file type. Added: Dialogs updated with a style that matches the rest of the app. Added: 'Settings/General' option for whether to reopen previously-open documents at app startup. Changed: Open document persistence logic to help prevent session loss scenarios on next app startup. Fixed: Explorer side bar document file name didn't update when changed from a 'Save As'. Fixed: Command palette commands could execute twice when selected in a certain scenario. Fixed: Previously-open documents that reloaded on app startup didn't use their prior non-default character encoding. Follow @CodeWriterApp on Twitter to stay on top of Code Writer news.

Code Writer

Code Writer is a free text and code editor app with over 20 supported file types, and active syntax highlighting that updates as you edit documents. Use it as a replacement for Notepad and other quick edit apps. The app has been built from the ground up for Windows 10. It's fast and fluid, and gives you the power to edit documents with features you'd normally only find in desktop apps. Code Writer is perfect for editing any text-based file, doing code reviews, or giving presentations with code samples. The text editor allows you to edit documents in near full-screen mode with the chrome fading to the background. The collapsible side bar houses features like a document explorer, search functionality, advanced editing commands, print/share, settings, and help. A popup command palette provides quick keyboard access to almost every command in the app. Easily create new or open existing documents from any accessible source. Color is used pervasively throughout the app to create a bond between you and the various file types you work with. Configure the editor theme and other options such as font size to mold your ideal editing environment. Learn about every product feature with the included detailed documentation. The app requires Windows Fall Creators Update or later, and is fully supported on ARM, x86, and x64 devices. IF YOU LIKE THIS FREE APP, PLEASE SUPPORT ITS CONTINUED DEVELOPMENT WITH GOOD RATINGS. We have many plans for further improvements but want to hear your suggestions too. It is most helpful if you post your own ideas for app features in our support forum or in the Windows Feedback app (instead of or in addition to reviews in the Store) so that we can communicate directly with you. Sometimes we may need more information about the feature request and by posting in our forums or the Feedback app, we can get that from you. Thank you for your support, it is much appreciated. Happy coding! Follow us on Twitter with @CodeWriterApp. You can even chat directly with our dev team via Slack (http://www.actiprosoftware.com/community/chat) to help guide future Code Writer features!


  • Over 20 syntax-highlighted file types supported including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JSON, XML, C#, VB, C++, ASP, PHP, Markdown, Perl, Python, Ruby, SQL, and many other common languages
  • Some file types support advanced editing features like code outlining, syntax errors, text formatting, quick info, color previews, auto-case correct, etc.
  • Create new documents, browse to open any accessible document, and easily reopen recent documents
  • Near-chromeless UI editing surface when the side bar is collapsed
  • Command palette that provides access to most commands, recent documents, go to line, and more.
  • Open documents are persisted between app sessions
  • Modified documents are flagged
  • Search side bar with find/replace capabilities
  • Document print support with numerous options
  • Touch-based selection support, and a plethora of keyboard shortcuts
  • Live tile that displays the names and save state of open documents
  • Supports sharing of document or selected text with other apps via the Share charm
  • Detailed documentation that describes all app functionality
  • File associations allow the app to be used as a default editor for various file types
  • Options for theme, font family/size, line numbers, word wrap, current line highlight, delimiter highlighting and auto-complete, web color previews, whitespace characters, tabs/spaces, line ends, etc.
  • Options to add custom file extensions for file types, and disable file types you don't work with
  • Run the app and open files using the codewriter:// protocol

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13 May 2016

This application is awesome for a new programmer or who have been start coding recently but cons in this application is auto select and correction option and the run option. work needed in UI.


5 March 2016

Why can't instilled it on window rt 32g? ..I keep getting an error message saying can't inset. Code writer?


18 February 2016

It is a very good editor but very slow to open up.... I have only this problem with it


13 February 2016

I wasn't even looking for something to write code. I just needed a very simple, distraction free word processor with support for dark background to write notes, email drafts, blog articles. Code Writer works great for my purposes. Would love if they added pin files to start.


10 December 2015



9 December 2015

v2.4 (current version)  ●  ADDED: Quote delimiter auto-completion for most file types.  ●  ADDED: Support as a share target for text from other apps.  ●  ADDED: Support as a share target for known file types from other apps.  ●  ADDED: Character encoding option for UTF-8 with no signature.  ●  ADDED: When opening non-Unicode files, the default character encoding specified in Editor Settings is used as appropriate.  ●  ADDED: Improved international support with better caret/selection movement and delete and backspace functionality around multi-byte Unicode characters.  ●  FIXED: Document-specific character encoding wasn't taking priority over default. v2.3 from 2014-03-05  ●  CHANGED: Right-clicking mouse over code editor now shows a context menu. Right-click at top/bottom of screen, or left-click status bar to show app bars with mouse.  ●  ADDED: Editor settings option for whether context menus are enabled (instead of showing app bars on mouse right-click).  ●  ADDED: JSON file type.


25 July 2015

While searching for an app that would open .wri files this was a recommended app. This app DOES NOT open these files. I am disappointed in this program as I have old files that I would like to convert.


14 July 2015

First off, this app rocks. One thing I really would like is to be able to have a split view, like sublime text or notepad++. It really speeds up development. I'm not sure if you can make two instances of this app, but that would be one way to emulate that functionality too.


9 July 2015

I was looking around for an app that was very efficient and appealing to the eye and I came across this. It is a great app for beginner or veteran programmers.


22 June 2015

Doing many code review on tablet is challenging, this up make it easier

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