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    - Overall bug fix; - Improved external subtitles support:.aqt, .ass, .stl, .mpl, .rt, .smi, .srt, .ssa, .stl, .sub, .usf; The Rate app with 5★ stars and write us your feedback! It is very important to us! Thank you for your opinion. Please do not rush to put a low rating. Write to us in support. We will take into account your comments and we will do this app the best of the best!

Codec for VOB

Tired of searching for programs for playback media files? All your problems with playback video and music will disappear forever thanks to the new Codec for VOB! Codec for VOB allow you to easily watch and listen to files VOB, WM, MP3, MP4, AVI, MOV, WAV and still many others. The application also supports a number of distinct features: watching videos with subtitles, the ability to select the audio track in the video, volume up to 200%, the equalizer. Become the owner of a unique program with which you can always enjoy watching videos and listening to audio tracks! - Just install Codec for VOB! IMPORTANT! Windows 8.1 doesn't let play password-protected DVDs. Before purchasing the app please do a simple test to check if the app could play your DVD. Temporary copy a .vob file ~1 Gb of size from your DVD disk to a local folder. If you are able to do this without getting error, this means that your DVD disk can be played via our App. Otherwise - no! Thank you for your cooperation!


  • Play VOB files;
  • Support for multimedia keyboards (sound, play, pause).
  • Increase the volume to 200%
  • Equalizer
  • Ability to watch video with subtitles.
  • Ability to connect external subtitles: .aqt, .ass, .stl, .mpl, .rt, .smi, .srt, .ssa, .stl, .sub, .usf.
  • Supported formats: "mov"; "mp3"; "mp4"; "mp4v"; "wav"; "wm"; "wma"; "wmv"; "3g2"; "3gp"; "3gp2"; "3gpp"; "aac"; "ac3"; "adt"; "adts"; "asf"; "avi"; "ec3"; "m2ts"; "m4a"; "m4v".
  • Ability to view video with multiple audio tracks.

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14 December 2015

Was trying to find a Codec for Windows Media Player to play an older DVD (Jingle all the Way) disc for my wife. Searching on Microsoft knowledge base it says to only buy from the Windows Store, which I did. This won't play the movie. It does not operate inside Windows Media Player. This appears to be a stand alone video player that is disguising itself as a "CODEC". A fool and his money are soon parted.


28 May 2015

This App sucks!!


18 May 2015

Of course, I was looking for something more versatile than a stand alone application...would be nice if this codec could integrate with Media player or media center, movie maker, etc. In other words, Microsoft puts out all kinds of programs that handle video, yet it all excludes this particular codec. WHAT AN ASSACHE!!! Can this be installed in Media Center as a plug in? Okay, I already know the answer to that...somebody make it work!


1 May 2015

Just purchased. Waste of money. Unable to see pictures. Hear sound but no picture. Unavailable to contact seller for assistance.


28 April 2015

I just purchased this App from your store for a reduced price, and the reviews in which was posted except for one, was "high marks". My thoughts during that time was that the person who wrote the negative review, probably did not fully understand. From Here forward, I have made up my mind not to purchase something that I'm not sure on it's functionality, even if the reviews sounds to good to be true. My true thoughts on this are if your wanting to sell your product, there should be a "try before you buy" button with an email support for questions. I would be willing to discuss either a solution on why it's not working or a refund. Thank You


27 April 2015

Works great!!


5 April 2015

Works to perfection.


28 March 2015



20 March 2015

I needed to run some training videos that were .vob format and work perfect for me.


11 March 2015

Doesn't give you an option to play multiple vob files in succession ie; playlists. Also the skinning of the app could use some tweaking.

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