codeShow JavaScript

codeShow JavaScript is a Windows 8 HTML/JS project with the express goal of demonstrating simple development concepts for the Windows 8 platform. This is not a project to learn about end-to-end app architecture, but when you're looking for how to do things like access the camera, implement an asymmetric ListView, or handle errors look to codeShow. You can access the complete, open source code for this app at and even collaborate with the project using Git.


  • Learn Windows 8.1
  • Learn HTML/CSS/JS

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15 March 2015

Thanks for this . :)


26 September 2014

I used this application constantly while developing my first Windows Store application. It is superb and runs flawlessly in my experience.


11 September 2014

Broken on Windows 8.1. It doesn't run yet it installs.


9 June 2014

I was not able to download this app.when I make a click on install it reload the store app


8 June 2014

The app doesn't successfully install on my 8.1 computer. The warning I get trying to run is "This app needs to be repaired/There's a problem with codeShow JavaScript. Please reinstall the app." I've tried reinstalling a couple of times now - but no good. Additionally there is no easy/standard way to uninstall it now.


10 May 2014

Examples galore


11 March 2014

I have found codeSHOW to be a wonderful reference source for when I forget a line of code.


15 January 2014

Thanks for the great stuff, please do more Jump Starts and educational talks. You guys are the best!!


3 January 2014

Really good app for Learning and testing code!


23 November 2013

This is really very helpful for learners and start-up developers. I'm glad. Please if possible also put examples on development of windows store apps using C#. thank you :)

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