Combat AirStrike Simulator 3D

# Experience the thrill of being Airborne. # Control deadliest of the fighter planes. (including Shark-Hunter & Jet Fighter) # Test your shooting skills along with your aviation abilities. # Real Time Combat. # Survive an Extraterrestrial Attack, make your way through the hoards of skilled enemy. # Accumulate points through frags.


  • Full 3D Graphics .
  • Realistic Aerodynamics Physics .
  • Interactive virtual cockpit

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19 December 2015

I cant find a way to make it work. And cant delete it. Its is a ame I deffinatelly do not advise buyin or playin for any reason except to waste time. I would pay somebody to remove it from my pc!!!!!!!


14 November 2015

graphics are ok but the controls are horrible, too touchy.


13 August 2015

This game is Great! Did you know this helps you?