Commando Sniper Strike

Commando Sniper Strike seeks hits attackers carrying AK47 in a rural environment. Attackers have invaded a rural area in the suburbs and want to take control of it. In Commando Sniper Strike the shooter kills enemies by shooting them using scope equipped rifle. The attackers carry AK47 rifle and fire the player commando from three different locations. In Level-1 of Commando Sniper Strike the attackers attack from three different locations and fire at the player. The commando shots them down to go to the 2nd level. In level-2 of Commando Sniper Strike the attackers come in armed vehicles and come out of it one-by-one shooting at the player. The vehicles cannot be destroyed which makes the game more difficult. In level-3 Commando Sniper Strike the attackers come in helicopters and come down to ground by parachute. It can still be fired by the commando if it is in parachute. Commando Sniper Strike Features: Excellent Rural Environment for shooting. Attackers carry AK47 Rifle. Player has Scope equipped Rifle to kill enemy. Multiple Difficulty Levels. Radar System and Zooming options. Commando Shooting Gaming Experience. How to Commando Sniper Strike: Use swipe controls to aim Use shoot buttons to fire and zoom. How to Play: -For PC: - Use the Mouse Cursor to target enemies. - Use the Left Mouse button to kill the enemies. - Use the Right Mouse Button to Sniper View - Use the "G" to throwing Grenade on Enemies -For TABLET: - Touch the screen to target enemies. - Tap Fire button to kill the enemies.


  • First person Shooting
  • Realistic 3D Graphics
  • Excellent Environments
  • Easy GUI and Controls
  • Multi-touch Enabled

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8 September 2015