Complete C Programs

This app lists about 60 C Programs with solutions. Basic to advanced level programs related to File Handling, Searching, Sorting, String related programs, Reversing String/Number, Complex Numbers, Prime Numbers, Swapping Techniques etc. are covered in this app. C programming has now become part of academic course for almost all branches of engineering and science studies all over the world. Keeping that in mind, we have developed this app. This is a content based (reference) app. The app does not fetch or store any kind of personal data from users! App accesses internet only to display ad in the right section of the app in full screen mode. Privacy policy -


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8 November 2013

Hey Bro, You could use a set width font like you would see on a IDE or command prompt. Like using new Courier or consolas. It would look much better. The font you are using changes width and it looks like you are coding on Microsoft word. In order to really use your code and break it down you would have to copy and paste it into a .txt or an IDE. Just a suggestion!


11 October 2013

Awesome App, great to go back in case of "brain fog", to Educators like myself; and for those who are beginning to learn - it covers a little more than just all the basics; I recommend you to download all the GREEN APPS plus one more in another area that covers the HTML in another location (Education or in Productivity - MSFT keeps moving it around) then you will have the entire Book Collection. :)


26 June 2013

very useful and fun for beginners


10 March 2013

this is nice