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    New currencies (MGA, VND, ZMW and others), new fuel consumption/efficiency conversions, bug fixes

Convert Units HD

**** The FASTEST app to convert units. Type a few letters and the units appear automatically ! Convert temperature, distance, area, weight, currencies and many, many more ! THE ONLY CONVERTER YOU'LL NEED - Thousands of unit conversions - 'Smart-search' to find the unit you need - 'One-click' to select units - High precision: up to 10 decimals - Hundreds of currency values, updated daily - Calculator included with +,-,*,/ - Preview results as you type the amount - Swap units with one click - High resolution graphics - Change the graphics: modern, classic, engineering - Save your favorite units automatically for super-fast use [paid] WITH MANY ADVANCED FEATURES - Works great on snap screen mode (snap to the left hand side of the screen) - Accepts keyboard entry to type units and amounts - Quick resume: restores last values used - One-click copy results to clipboard - Automatic update currency values [paid] - High precision math, default to 4-decimals - Change from 0 to 10 decimals, you decide [paid] - Browse all the unit conversions available - Automatic pluralizing of the results - Paste amounts from the clipboard - Show equations for commonly used units - Understands cultural differences in the use of '.' and ',' - Very fast, trims unit results for fastest performance The paid version adds auto-currency update, modify number of decimals, saves favorite units, change screen colors, and removes ads. The free version has ads. CATEGORIES: - Acceleration - Angle - Area - Astronomical - Data (Computer) - Currency - Density - Digital Image - Distance (Length) - Electric Charge - Electric Resistance - Energy - Flow - Flow (Mole) - Flow (Mass) - Fuel efficiency - Force - Frequency - Illuminance - Power - Pressure - Sound - Speed - Temperature - Time - Torque - Volume - Volume (Dry) - Weight (Mass) Converting units made fun! Also available on Windows Phone. v1.11- several new currencies, UI and bug fixes v1.9-new currencies (MGA, VND, ZMW and others), fuel consumption/efficiency conversions, bug fixes v1.6-1.7-Improved UI, fixed Flags, Fixed Force conversions, added Megabit/Gigabit v1.5 - hundreds of new units, Currency Flags, UI fixes


  • With thousands of different units to convert, temperature, distance, length, etc
  • The FASTEST app to convert units, try it out, works like magic!

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7 November 2015

The pro version offers a whopping three more backgrounds than the free one and they are all uglier than the free one. Can't figure out how the 'save favorites' works. So unless you really hate (fairly unobtrusive) ads, use the free version...it does the job fine. It would be nice if the calculator defaulted to the last units used, but it doesn't.


8 February 2015

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8 January 2015

Great app.....having coooool conversion options.......I like it need to 5stars rating......what u say........


17 May 2014

OMG This is one very beautiful useful awesome app. This app needs Infinity stars. Works well for power conversation a.k.a horsepower to kw/h. Great on everything boo ja download it and see. plus the upgrade is a great feature if you really really love this app. woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo


3 April 2014

No fun


16 November 2013

Cool tool, seems to convert most everything. easy to use ;)


11 October 2013

Every time when ever I need to convert unit, so I need to go different web site. this processes take a long time and boring . But now I have app for convert unit very easy fast and quick method. I will advice to user just down load apps and enjoy it.


15 September 2013

Where are the mole units?


9 September 2013

Has temperature, area, distance, cooking, and many others, even currencies and precious metals. Cool.


30 June 2013

nice app

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