Corinth Classroom Chemistry 2

Chemistry surrounds us. Such a complex subject can easily tangle you up. Our 3D models will reveal you the magic hidden inside of chemical reactions and elements, so you could easily discover chemistry behind everyday products. Get your brain cells oxygenate with inorganic substances Corinth Classroom Chemistry 2! This library includes various models of substances and compounds from the field of Organic Chemistry. Following the successful edu apps from the Corinth Micro series, we designed a brand new learning solution which has been developed in collaboration with teachers, ducational experts, top universities, as well with students and common users worldwide. Corinth Classroom provides schools with immersive interactive 3D content. Thanks to integration with MS Office, teachers now have even wider means of engaging their students in the subject matter.


  • interactive 3D learning objects animations
  • 3D visualization of the periodic table of elements and it ́s segmentation according chemical quantities
  • videos and animations of chemical reactions
  • galleries of elements and molecules
  • optional free MS Office add­ins for MS Office 2010 and 2013 let you use our content in your docs
  • learning objects have labeled parts which can be individually highlighted
  • zoom and rotate freely for detailed observation
  • take screenshots with single click
  • fill in the blank mode helps with memorization and test prep
  • search feature and subject categories make discovery easy

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